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big bynn 30 percent!

Friday: Steam Factory cleared

Saturday: Deepscar, two Big Bynn attempts

We continued our push into SoF this weekend.  Among the regular targets, we made our first attempts on Big Bynn!  Following the first run, we tweaked our tactics slightly, resulting in significant improvement.  Nice work everyone!

FL Item Tracker

Every item looted during our raids is now tracked in real-time.   You can monitor this activity via the page I have setup here.

FLBot Changes:

The bot will now report 'Adjusted Current DKP' as it's spent on raid item purchases/wins.  The entire purpose here is to enable accurate DKP tracking as it's spent on raids.  Be aware, only the bot will report your adjusted DKP, the main site listing isn't updated on the fly.  Please report any bugs to me via PM, or /tell in game.  Thanks.


- Code added to calculate DKP spending on the fly.
- Code adjusted relating to channel control.

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Posted by Furro on Sunday, July 26, 2009

progression update!

Tuesday: AG - Veldyn, FC - Three Brothers

Thursday: Bimbalicus the Soulbleeder!

Friday: Clankwrench, Mining Behemoth!

Saturday: Spindlecrank, Deepscar!

We made significant strides this weekend into SoF.  With several Freelance firsts, including: Bimbalicus, Mining Behemoth, Spindlecrank, and Deepscar!  Outstanding effort by all those who attended!

MMM Flag Progress

For those who are not aware, I'm tracking individual player progress as they obtain the necessary raid pieces.  This will help gauge when we have sufficient flagged numbers to start MMM raids.  I'd recommend referencing the list if you've forgotten which Notebook Page you're missing or have already looted.  This will help avoid randoming on a page you already have.

The list is located here.

MMM Flag Task

Meldrath's Majestic Mansion raid access is split into two parts:  Group zone MMM flag, and the associated raid flag.  Both these flags are combined into a task called: The Search for the Ultimate Story.

With the advent of levels/AA, this progression task isn't much of a hassle as it once may have been for many.  However, this doesn't negate the fact that for certain stages, it's still troublesome for those without the resources to handle the areas solo or even molo.

In order to help facilitate the group progression stages for this task, I'm providing a place to co-ordinate the activities with others whom are willing to assist, or require assistance in some way.  If you so desire to participate, please feel free to reply to the post located here, with your request or offer to help others.  For in game co-ordination, I'd recommend utilizing the FLRaids:raids channel as an additional resource.  The channel is never moderated, and I'm attempting to promote it's use for group forming during non-Raid Schedule.

With the above in mind, it's important to realise, people are more receptive to help those who have taken some inititive in at least completing up to the stage where the Beza/Zeka document collection is required.  Prior to that step, are merely hails, waypoint updates, and related collection/hand-ins.  Please use the above task link to get started.

Raid Days

I dropped Tuesday night from the weekly raid cycle.  Whether we explore other days for potentially higher turnouts is still a possibility.  In the meantime however, focus is on Thursday, Friday and Saturday as our main raid nights.

Hope to see you in game!

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Posted by Furro on Monday, July 20, 2009

Steam factory entered, Clankwrench defeated!

Tuesday: FC - Three Brothers, Shadow Selves

Thursday: Spindlecrank (attempt, 76%), Clankwrench (win)

Friday: AG North - Dyn`leths Army, Veldyn, Lethar 1.0

Saturday: Dyn`leth Firstborn of Lethar, and Lethar 2.0 (attempt, 56%)

Good progress overall this weekend.  We made a dent into Steam Factory, sizing up Spindlecrank, and pulling off a win against Clankwrench.  This opens up our first few progression pieces for flagging towards MMM.   Nice work everyone!

For our weekend raids on AG North, we cleared everything except Lethar 2.0.  Although we failed against Lethar on Saturday, valuable information was discovered through channel discussions afterwards.  Most notibly, the ability of additional classes which can cure corruption, that we were not aware of initially.  This is a prime example of how collective feedback following an event can result in improvements to our strats.  This is also why, I ask in various channels, if there are any comments or reports.  Alot of times, it's through your observation and reports, that I adjust a strat to improve it in some fashion.

We have an opportunity on Tuesday, to take advantage of our current AG North lockouts from the weekend and make another run at Lethar.  Events like this have a learning curve, and with practice, we'll become more familiar with it as a team.

Our ability to focus, adapt, and play at the top of our game, is our strength as a raiding force.  Co-ordinating these strengths will enable us to defeat this event, as we have others in the past.  I'm confident in each member of our raiding force.  Our recent raids only reflect your desire and shared confidence in each other, and it's that spirit of good gaming that will push us beyond any challenges in our path.

Hope to see you in game, and at raids!

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Posted by Furro on Monday, July 6, 2009

octa the collector defeated!

Tuesday: FC - Three Brothers, Shadow Selves

Thursday: Octa the Collector!

With slightly under 30 in attendance, we pulled off a successful Octa raid on Thursday.  Nice work all!

Due to the holiday weekend, Friday and Saturday raids were cancelled.  Although I had scheduled them in, it was mostly a gamble in case we did get the turnout.

Start Time Change

In order to form raids effectively, we need to do so at times of peak population. Adjusting our start times slightly to reach this window, will help us form raids efficiently and engage our targets faster.

New start times for Freelance raids are: 8pm EST, 7pm CST, 5pm PST

See you at raids!

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Posted by Furro on Monday, July 6, 2009

sothgar defeated!  Lethar 56 percent!

Tuesday: FC - Three Brothers, Shadow Selves

Thursday: FC - Overwhelming Numbers, Shades of Calm

Friday: AG - Stitch's Ambush, Stitch, Ambersnout, Attendants, Sothgar the Twiceborn

Saturday: AG - Dyn`leth's Army, Shade of Veldyn, Lethar the Black, Dyn`leth Firstborn of Lethar, and Lethar's Final Stand attempt (56%)

The weekday raids on Tues/Thurs this past week were productive, resulting in several aug events being completed.

On Friday/Saturday, we made significant progress in Ashengate overall, combined with several Freelance firsts.  We finished up Saturday night with a strong attempt on Lethar.  I have a couple of adjustments to our strat in place for the next run.

Events & Strats Area Update

Ashengate information is now available on the main site under TSS - Ashengate.

U.S. July 4th Holiday

Even with the holiday this upcoming weekend, I scheduled in Friday/Saturday for Ashengate.  Whether we get the numbers or not, there's no real harm in scheduling it in to see.

On a related raid note: Tues/Thurs this week are also scheduled.  Check the forums for details please.

Hybrid DKP

Adjustment to handling of Class specific items:

The DKP/Random procedure will be bypassed for class specific items, that fall under any category, when only one person of said class is in attendance.  The item will be categorized at that time only, by the Raid Leader, as FFA.

Hope to see you in game!

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Posted by Furro on Monday, June 29, 2009

beltron, Vergalid and Stitch down!

Friday: FC2 - Sleepless Guard, Wulfnor, Fridleif, Harfange, and Beltron!

Saturday: Vergalid Mines - Nurtha, Goru, Vergalid.  AG East - Stitch's Ambush, Stitch!

Outstanding progress this weekend and several Freelance firsts!

We opened Friday with FC2, and worked our way through the events, finishing up with our first Beltron kill.  On Saturday, we did Vergalid Mines, which opened Ashengate to us.  Following Vergalid, we had some time and grabbed our first AG-East expedition.   We ended up walking over both Stitch encounters with ease to finish up the night.

Weeknight Raids

I'm maintaining our regular Friday & Saturday raids.  But also exploring other weeknights for potential peak player numbers.  For now, I've slotted in some aug runs, and familiar targets for just Tues/Thurs this week.  These days may be adjusted from week to week at the moment, depending on turnouts and other factors.

Hybrid DKP

The following items below have had their Ruleset adjusted to FFA:

  • Glowing Obsidian Runes
  • Timeworn Armor Molds

That's all for now!  See you at raids!

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Posted by Furro on Sunday, June 21, 2009

harfange defeated!  beltron 49 percent!

Friday: FC1 Cleared

Saturday: FC2 - Sleepless Guard, Wulfnor, Fridleif, Harfange (FL first), Beltron attempt (49%).

Great progress this past weekend.  We defeated Harfange, and took a run at Beltron.  It was fairly late for Beltron, but with under 20 people in the raid, it was worth attempting to size things up.  We didn't wipe exactly either, since the instance ran out of time, and we got booted out with Beltron at 49%.  Thanks to all who attended, and those who were able to stay a little later then normal.

Ashengate Progression

I've scheduled a Vergalid's End raid for this upcoming Saturday.  This is a gatekeeper task, consisting of three main events.  Completing it will make it possible for Freelance to request Ashengate raids.

Events & Strats Area Update

Frostcrypt information is now available on the main site under TSS - Frostcrypt.
On a related note, I've adjusted Glowing Obsidian Runes, to N/A Category.

Hybrid DKP


  • Minor adjustment to the DKP calculation formula.  Instead of average attendees, it's being done for total attendees on a per target basis.  The changes were in place prior, but just recently documented for clarity.
  • Start/Finish DKP earnings are now Documented clearly.
  • DKP Tax clause is not in effect at this time.
  • Added Category N/A - To cover miscellaneous items for distribution.
  • Adjusted Glowing Obsidian Runes, to N/A Category.

That's it for now!  Hope to see everyone Friday for Beltron, and Saturday for Vergaid!

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Posted by Furro on Tuesday, June 16, 2009

sof revisited!

We made three solid attempts at BMK3 on Friday.  Although we didn't defeat the event, valuable information was gained as a result.  I'm confident, that applying what we've learned so far, coupled with a higher turnout, we can pull off a win.

On Saturday, we made several runs at Octa the Collector.  Of the attempts, our best was Octa to 35%.  With some add team adjustments, and a few extra bodies, I believe we can defeat this event without major issue.

I'm not discouraged by our results this weekend.  It's been at least five months or more, since our last BMK3 attempt, and this was a good opportunity to size it up again. For Octa, it was our first time trying the encounter, and the general feel is it's doable.

I appreciate everyone throwing themselves at these events, in an effort to progress us into a higher tier of raiding.  We learn from our wipes, and make the necessary corrections for subsequent runs.  This is the challenge, and part of the fun of raiding new things.  Victory, without effort, is meaningless.

Thanks again to all those who attended!

Let's pay Beltron the Shade King a visit this upcoming weekend!

Have a safe week!

Posted by Furro on Sunday, June 07, 2009

weekend update!

Friday: FC1 Full Clear.

Saturday: FC2 Events - The Sleepless Guard, Wulfnor the Gladiator, Fridleif Master Warcraft.

A good run overall this weekend.  Clearing FC1 and partial clear of FC2.  I scheduled SoF targets for next weekend, to mix it up a bit.

Site Changes

Modified the colors, more vibrant, easier viewing with EQ running in the background.  If you have any site recommendations, please just drop me a tell in game, and/or post on the forums about them.  Thanks.

Hybrid DKP

Adjusted category for Timeworn Armor Molds, which takes effect for future related raids.  Due to lower demand, there's no reason to class these as LOOT.  They are now N/A OPEN, and will not ensue a DKP cost, nor be limited to one per person.

DKP spending is going to be monitored during raids.  I've added onto my loot spreadsheet to pull DKP data, and subtract purchases as they are made.  This will also include winnings while in Random Ruleset.  This will enable an accurate picture of someones Current DKP throughout the raid night.

The issue with the running tally however, is the FLDKP database will not reflect the changes, and the FLBot pulls the info from this database.  So for example, someone may start the raid at 20 DKP, win an item via Random, and want to bid later on some item of interest.  When that person queries the database, it shows 20 DKP still.  In fact, their actual Current DKP is 10.  Anyone who bids, I check their actual bidding power via my running tally spreadsheet.  I'm working on a way to for the bot to pull actual current DKP from the tally.  In the meantime, be aware and subtract your winnings from your current DKP.  Please note, that you do not need DKP to random on anything, it's only needed for bidding/auctioning of items.

FLBot Issue Fixed

The FLBot should now report negative DKP properly.  Thanks Tahledor for reporting the issue.

Have a good week!  Hope to see everyone Friday & Saturday for some SoF action!

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