the serpent's spine - ashengate,  Reliquary of the Scale

There are two main end raid zones within this expansion:  Frostcrypt and Ashengate.   This area is a starting point for related events, strats and general information.

Ashengate is divided up into three expeditions: East, West, and North.  All of which contain mini type events for augment drops, and main events for main loot style drops.  Each Ashengate instance is commonly referred to as AG-East, AG-West, AG-North, or AGE, AGW, AGN respectively.

general info

These pages cover the basics of Ashengate, with regard to: zone entrance, mini and main events.

events & strats layout

All these pages are grouped by tier and structured to follow a similiar form.  They are written up this way to draw attention to key aspects of the event, our strat, and/or related class & group instructions.

A page may contain an "Important Info - Please Read!" section.  This is an area where I cover issues, reminders or extremely important instructions related to the event, which you need to be aware of.