stitch's ambush

This is a mini-event, consisting of a mini-boss, an AE and adds.

boss information

Mob Name: Krait the Bloodletter
Hits: n/a
Abilities: n/a
AE: Crushing Despair - 1500 HP DoT + 500 M/E DoT (corruption counter 8)

special mob

Stitch is unattackable, behind a locked gate, casting the spell below.

Mob Name: Stitch
AE: Tainted Arrow Salvo - 2k DD + 500 HP DoT + 40% Atk slow
Recourse if not cured: Tainted Arrow Effect - 2500 HP DoT (16 corruption counter)

additional mobs

Various mobs spawn during this event. 

a Scarlet Legion assassin Yes
a Scarlet Legion cutthroat Yes
a Scarlet Legion murderer No

event overview & strat

During this event, we have to kill adds, until Krait the Bloodletter spawns.

There's an AE DD, DoT and Attack slow called Tainted Arrow Salvo.  Please use curruption cures to remove it ASAP, or ask in group for one.

Assist MA, stay bunched up in the middle, and get cured.

Any questions, please ask in the FLRaids channel.  Thanks 

important info - please read!

As we approach this event, there's a gate.  Please DO NOT click it.  Doing so starts the event, and the gate locks closed afterwards, preventing anyone from passing through.  Thanks.