dyn`leth, firstborn of lethar

This is a main event, consisting of several statue guardians, an add activation mechanic, and a boss with a unique reflection stance.

boss information

Mob Name: Dyn`leth, Firstborn of Lethar
Hits: 6500
Abilities: AE Rampages
Barrier of Veeshan's Scale
Intimidation of the Scale - Fear
Reflection of Veeshan's Scale
Reflective Skin  

Note: Permarooted, doesn't summon.

additional mobs

Various mobs come into play during this event.

an Elite Guard of Dyn`leth
Balance of the Nameless - self dispell

Immobilizing Stone - FD + Stun + 1k DD

Cone of Sweet Breath - 1k mana drain (cone AE: between 300° and 60°) Possibly

special mobs

The two mobs listed below are part of a mechanic during this event.


a stoic guardian
These gain health as "a Scarlet Legion artificer" drakkin heals them.

A stoic guardian activates once it reaches 100% health.

a Scarlet Legion artificer -
Spawns from the south, every 30 seconds and runs towards the stoic guardians.

Non-combative, only damagable when they reach the guardian and start healing it.

No hatelist is generated from damaging these mobs.

event overview & strat

On engage, assist MA while we kill the Elite Guards of Dyn`leth.

Once the Elites are dead, all casters (including healers), are to nuke/burn the Scarlet Legion artificers before they heal the stoic guardians to 100%. 

Any stoic guards that reach 100%, will go active and attack us.

The artificers will not attack anyone, you can burn them down without fear of agro.

In the meantime, everyone else is assist MA and Burn/Disc on Dyn`leth.

Only stop your DPS when you see Dyn`leth enter his reflective stance (it's shown in his name).

At 75%, two drake adds come into play, which we will mez/OT.  Stay on boss unless MA switches.

class & group specific instructions

Some classes will be put in groups with others to handle certain aspects of the event, be it dealing with the adds that spawn, or charming of pets etc.

In brackets are the classes, or group(s) that will be given specific instructions to perform during this event.  It's important that, if you see your class listed, to visit the link and review the material to give you an idea what we need done.  The links below point to pages where these instructions are explained.

Artificer Team - Selected individuals / groups will handle artificer killing (including Healers to nuke!).