Griffon Master Ayna`Rym

This is a mini-event, consisting of a mini-boss, some auras, and AE's.  Fun!

boss information

Mob Name: Griffon Master Ayna`Rym
Hits: n/a
Abilities: n/a
AE: Crushing Despair - 1500 HP DoT + 500 M/E DoT (corruption counter 8)

special mobs

There are two unattackable named that cast an AE: Call of the Griffon - 12k DD + 2k DoT + Silence.

Mob Names: Foulfeather and Haley the Fleshrender

event auras

Centered around Griffon Master Ayan`Rym are the following auras:

Billowing Breeze - Beneficial, Increases M/E by 3000 + 250/tick regen.
Gust of Ashengate Wind - GFlux

As you can see, the Billowing Breeze aura is good.  The other Gust aura is something you want to avoid.

event overview & strat

This event involves a mini-boss, two auras, and an emote followed by an avoidable 12k DD + 2k DoT + Silence AE.

The above AE is cast by the Griffon Master's two pets: Foulfeather and Fleshrender.

Every minute, the pets will emote and 10 seconds later fire off the above AE.

While killing Griffon Master Ayna`Rym, we must move and hide behind something before the AE fires!

Please setup and use the following audio trigger to catch the emote: puffs up its chest

Be aware, the Griffon Master casts a nasty HP/Mana/End DoT: Crushing Despair.  Use Corruption cures to remove it.

Everyone please have some form of Lev buff on.

Try your best to stay within the Billowing Breeze aura, hide when the emote fires, and burn Griffon Master inbetween.