dyn`leth's army

This is a main event, consisting of three waves of mobs of various types and abilities.

additional mobs

Various mobs come into play during this event.

a Drakkin Assassin Shadowsteps / Drops traps - 8k DD + stun

a Drakkin Enforcer

a Drakkin Mender Heals other mobs

a Drakkin Trueshot Permarooted and cast: Drakkin Archer Shot - 3k DD + FD

a Flame Trader Permarooted and spawn azure firebreather drakes every 10 seconds

a Poison Trader Permarooted and spawn emeral defender drakes every 10 seconds

an azure firebreather
an ornate emerald defender


mob auras

Some mobs have auras around them.  They come in two flavours: anti-melee (slow) and anti-caster (silence).

Generally, the permarooted mobs have the slow aura.  Mobs such as assassins have the silence aura.

event overview & strat

This event has three waves of mobs, which vary in type and ability.

CC will mez the green drakes, while nuking the blues (rangers help on these also).

Some mobs have short range auras.  There are two types: melee slow, and caster silence.  Just step out of range a bit to avoid them.

Tanks, OT/Kite the active adds.  Try not to OT near where MA is (to avoid aura slow affecting our kill rate).

Everyone else is assist MA, and burn/disc.