ambersnout, the abberation

This is a mini-event, consisting of a roaming boss that spawns adds.

boss information

Mob Name: Ambersnout the Abberation
Hits: none - roamer, but damagable.
AE: Ambersnout's Boiling Body - Self Buff  DS for 1k.  Reflect spells cast on him.

additional mobs

Various mobs spawn during this event.

a bubbling pile of ashen goo
Ooze Damage Shield - Self Buff DS for 1500 dmg. Root / Snarable
a burning fragment of Solusek
Elemental Spell Reflect - Self Buff, reflects spell dmg.
Root / Snarable
a fiery darkshard guardian
Root / Snarable

event overview & strat

Ambersnout is non-agro, and roams around spawning adds.

We must kill the adds, to lower Ambersnout's health.

The slime (ooze) adds have a huge melee DS.  So be careful melee on those please.

The elemental adds have a spell reflect damage buff.  Casters, careful with these.

Be aware, never attack Ambersnout, as he has a huge DS/reflect buff for both melee/casting.

Assist MA, and we'll crawl along following Ambersnout killing the adds as they spawn.

important info - please read!

Dual Wield Melee Types:  There's an AA that prevents DS damage on your offhand weapons.  Those who have this AA can equip a non-weapon in mainhand and hit slimes with just an offhand weapon without fear of killing yourself to the DS.

Casters:  Avoid casting on Ambersnout, as he will reflect everything.