sothgar the twiceborn

This is a main event, involving a boss, with triggered adds at set percentages and various directional AE's.

boss information

Mob Name: Sothgar the Twiceborn
Hits: 6800
Abilities: Single-Target Rampages
Sothgar's Incinerating Breath - Frontal 7.5k DD
Sothgar's Tail Sweep - Rear Arc 8.5k DD
Sothgar's Wing Buffet - 2.5k PBAE DD + gflux component
Earthshaker - 760 HP DD  + Stun (2.5sec) + Feign Death

additional mobs

Various mobs spawn during this event.

a lavascale drake
an ashen drake
a reborn ashwing drake

special mobs

The mobs listed below are non-agro / unattackable.  They roam around doing their AE.


a globe of living lava
Magma Bubble - 15k DD + 1500 HP DoT + Stun (fires when it stops moving).
a burning lava ooze
Ooze Damage Shield - Self Buff DS for 1500 dmg (they cast it on other drakes too)

event overview & strat

Once triggered, Sothgar the Twiceborn will attack and cast various directional AE's.

At set percentages throughout the event, Sothgar goes active/inactive and spawns different adds depending on his state.

There are two main add types to be aware of: Drakes and Globes of living lava (appear as red oozes).

The Drakes spawn only when Sothgar is active.  They are hard hitters, but despawn when Sothgar goes inactive.

When Sothgar is inactive, he spawns globes of living lava adds.  These are unattackable.  They roam around, then explode (short range PBAE) for 15k DD + 1500 HP DoT + Stun.

At around 40% of Sothgar's heatlh, burning lava oozes spawn.  These are not targetable, but they go around casting a 1500 point DS on nearby drakes.

For Sothgar's last 25% health, he casts an additional AE knockback + Stun + FD

When Sothgar dies, all the adds despawn and the event is complete.

Strategy Portion:

As we DPS Sothgar down, we'll deal with the adds as follows:

For the roaming exploding Globes, avoid these using walls/distance to block the AE.

For Drake adds, CC will handle them via mez/charm with tanks OT'ing unmezzables.

Melee DPS, attack Sothgar from the sides to avoid his frontal and rear arc AE's.  Rogues are exempted, utilize rear arc DPS with caution as healing allows.

Unless otherwise instructed, assist MA as best possible please.