map area

When you're raiding with us, you'll often be required to travel across multiple zones. 
Maps are a great way to traverse these zones and reach our gather location in a timely fashion.

We sometimes modify maps and make them available for certain raid events.   Links for modified maps are available in this section, and linked within the related event writeup.

how to install maps

Installing maps is just a matter of dropping them into your maps directory off of where you have EQ installed.  For example, this may be something such as:

C:\Program Files\Sony\EverQuest\maps

If you have EQ running when you do this, the map won't show up right away.  Restart EQ or just reload your UI, and the map will appear.

If you have any questions or problems, just send me (Furro) a tell in game, or ask around, lots of people are more then willing to help.

map resource

You can get maps from alot of difference sources, but a decent starting point is the Mapfiend site located here.

Modified maps

This is where I place maps we've modfied for different events.  You can download the files in zip format, or each individual txt (in case you don't have zip).  Any locs added are usually specified in the event writeup for those wanting to manually edit their maps.

Zone: Demiplane of Blood (same map as DSK)
Event: Wailing Sisters


Note: To download the uncompressed version, right click on the file and select "Save Target As..."

my map directory

For whatever reason you don't want to use mapfiend source.  Below is my entire EQ Map Directory compressed.

Warning:  It's a large file for those not on highspeed (cable etc).

ZIP: (26.8mb)

RAR: all_maps.rar (23.2mb)


Screenshot of the Week!

Photographer:  Ssark


Send me (Furro) a tell in game, or post on forums any suggestions regarding the site or the raids we do.