prevention - reaction - recovery

This area covers aspects of Freelance raids that you'll no doubt encounter.  We want to prevent wipes from happening as best we can, but that depends alot on our reactions when things go bad.  Of course, when we do unfortunately fail and wipe, we have recovery plans that are set in motion.


By utilitizing our skillsets, AA, common sense and experience, we can help keep things in order during events.   Learning the event inside and out helps tremendously in this regard.  This is why I'm so transparent when explaining the events in /rs.  It's also why I always prompt if there are any questions prior to engagement.   Even minor details here that you are unsure of should be answered. 

The key thing to remember is, don't be shy, and always ask.  We're all newbs basically in some form, and there's nothing wrong with that.  It's always better to ask if unsure, then risk doing something out of order/turn, which may increase our chances for a chaotic moment and cause a cascading effect.


When things start to go bad, the best thing to do is focus and not panic.  How we react at the start of a chaotic moment is crucial to preventing a cascading effect, which inevitibly wipes us.  Solid communication, which stems either from /rs or appropriate channels from the top down is key here.  But equally so, is following these lines of communication.

Some key points to remember here during these moments are:

  • When at risk or near death, use whatever form of defensive ability your class has.

  • Use a heal potion if able.

  • Call for help in the appropriate channel.

  • Communicate what the issue is, be it an add is on you, or a DT effect etc.


When we do wipe, we have to deal with the recovery situation.  We like to do this in a timely fashion.  Sometimes we have a FD class that's able to rez, or a camped rezzer/caller.  These people are called into action and the recovery is started.  The biggest thing to do here is not be bummed out.  We wipe, it happens, and as long as we understand why, we can make adjustments to help prevent it from happening again.

You're going to die on our raids.  It's that simple.  If you can't handle death, you're playing the wrong game.  Pushing the envelope and risking death is a fun aspect of EQ.

terminology & abbreviations

This area covers some common death related terms.  No I don't mean wtf! and omg! etc.  We save those unabbreviated terms for behind the scenes. :P

Any abbreviation that is preceeded by a forward slash (/) refers to a command function.

Corpse Recovery (CR) - Describes the method we're using to retrieve our corpses.

Lobby - Often used in conjunction with CR to summon your corpse and get rez'd.   Most of the time this is followed by instructions whether to return to the instance/zone to continue the raid, or calling it a night etc.

Summon - Refers normally to lobbying to retrieve your corpse and get rez'd.

Call - A call to corpse, which is an ability of certain classes to bring you back to your corpse, but without any experience returned.  After a call, a rez is still possible.

Rez - Stands for Resurrection.  A spell/aa method which summons you to your corpse and returns a portion of your experience.

Run Back - Refers to those who can rez/call to run back to the instance/zone and start CR.

Drag - Mostly used when requesting that a corpse be moved from one location to another.

/corpse - Moves a targeted corpse, if within range, to your characters current position.

/corpsedrag - Command that when issued with a corpse on target, will tie that corpse to your character and it will be dragged with you when you move.

/corpsedrop - Drops a corspe you have targeted that you are currently dragging.

important info - Please read!

Turn ON the following options when raiding with us: "Auto Consent Raid" and "Auto Consent Group".  These can be turned on in the "Options" menu (Alt-O), under the "General" tab.

Die Gracefully:

  • When it becomes obvious you are going to die, just die.

  • Don't try and get a few steps closer to the raid before you die.  Doing so puts us at high risk that whatever just killed you may agro us and cause a wipe.

  • Try and be aware where you died, so that if we have to CR you, we have a general idea where to look.

  • If you died and you require a drag, send a Rogue a tell for one.  Don't ask your friend to go drag your corpse from a hostile area.

Don't try to be a Rogue if you're not one: Don't CR anyone in a dangerous area, thinking you can handle it.  In places like Demiplane for example, we frequently move around and pass areas that have mobs that are unkillable.  Doing a CR through these areas is tricky, and we would rather you leave it to classes that have FD or SoS abilities.  As helpful as it may seem at the time to try and CR someone, in most cases it causes more damage then time saving.




Screenshot of the Week!

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Send me (Furro) a tell in game, or post on forums any suggestions regarding the site or the raids we do.