dynamic zones

Most of our raiding is done in what's called dynamic instances.  These zones are created when we get a raid adventure, expedition or task.

Think of these instances as our own little playing field (or zone), which spawns just for us.  After we have a particular instance, in order to enter, we have to reach the door or object and click it or sometimes keywords to a  NPC that ports us in.

brief history

Due to the evolution of instances and how they were brought into the game, there are three difference systems in place at the moment:

  • Adventure Instances - The earliest form, introduced in the LDON expansion.  We never do LDON raids, but I'm mentioning this here for completeness.

  • Expedition Instances - Came about around late PoP, and continued strong into OOW and beyond expansions.

  • Task Instances - These came around DoN/DoDH, and are the main form up through current expansions to date at the moment.

window toggles

Each of the above systems has a window interface, that can be toggled to bring up instance information.  These toggles are listed below:

ALT-V for Adventure (LDON)

ALT-Z for Expedition (DODH beyond)

ALT-Q for Task (DON/DoDH & beyond)

terminology & abbreviations

I'm only going to cover the Expedition and Task Systems in this section, as we never do LDON raids.

Any abbreviation that is preceeded by a forward slash (/) refers to a command function.


DZ - Dynamic Zone.  Typing /dz will give a list of commands.

/dzlisttimers - Gives a list of your current lockout timers.

/dza - Short form for /dzadd.  If you're the leader of the instance, this is how you add someone to it.  Often times people ask for invites by using this term.

/dzq - Short form for /dzquit.  How to remove yourself from the instance.


/tasktimer - Will show any lockout timers you currently have.

/taskadd - If you're the leader of the instance, this is how you add someone to it.  Often times people ask for invites using this term.

/taskquit - Removes yourself from the instance.

All of the above commands are also available within the window interfaces of each system.

important info - please read!

This is to address certain issues that crop up during raids.

Be aware of the following:

  • Raid and Dynamic zone invites are completely different entities.  Any late comers that join us require both a raid and instance invite.

  • If you are in the raid, but havn't been invited to the instance, DO NOT click or attempt to zone in.  I say this because, each time you do, the raidleader (me) gets spammed with 1 line of red text for each person in the raid.

  • Never click or request an instance while in the raid.  We get the instance when we have the required numbers, or close to it.  This is important, because it cuts down on having to constantly add people to the instance as they arrive.

  • If you're not sure where or what the instance entry point is, ask in the FLRaids:raids channnel.  Don't be shy, we are here to help, there's always someone who will respond and offer assistance.


Screenshot of the Week!

Photographer:  Ssark


Send me (Furro) a tell in game, or post on forums any suggestions regarding the site or the raids we do.