On Freelance raids, we often have a pull group, or certain classes to handle pulls.  Usually these pull groups are made up of Monks, SKs and Bards.

At this time, there is no specific working Freelance channel for pullers.  Since they're normally within the same group, or paired up doing tandem pulls, there isn't a channel requirement.

Being open raiding, our pullers sometimes vary from raid to raid.  Regular Freelance raiders handle the pulling, but others will be called on to fill the gap when needed.

Pulling is an art form, just like other specialties in EQ.   For newcomers to our raids, it's a good way to pickup on pull tactics, techniques and tricks from more seasoned players.  Observation is one method to learn these traits, but I'm also a big believer in practice or mentorship.  For those of you who express interest in pulling, we want to give you an opportunity to shine.

terminology & abbreviations

These are basic pulling terms you may see during our raids, or if you are in a pull group.  Unless you are a puller, or working with one, consider them not directed at you.

Tag - Used when the pullers wants his target tagged by someone.  It's not always his target, it's all situational.

Split - When a puller is trying to single out a mob from one or more other mobs.

Feign Death (FD) - An ability some pull classes have that enables them to drop all agro.  Tricking the mob into thinking they are dead.

Fading Memory (Fade/FM) - An ability of bards to drop all agro on a mob.

puller buffer zone

On Freelance raids, we either stay in one spot, or edge up and clear as we go.   It's always stated clearly in /rs using cardinals, for which way to move.

Everyone wants to see the action, and that's great.  But sometimes we're just in a staging area that doesn't have good lines of sight.  This is just how it is, and we ask that you try not to edge up to see what's going on in these situations.  Pullers sometimes need some distance, and buffer area to work splits.   Being in the pullers path can result in drawing agro from something they're trying to split or bring to the raid safely.

important info - please read

A couple points worth mentioning here:

  • Never tag a mob, unless you are working with the pull team or they specifically call on you to tag something (such as RT/MA/MT).

  • Never heal a puller or help them with a split unless they ask you to.


Screenshot of the Week!

Photographer:  Ssark


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