Since Freelance is an open raiding group, you meet alot of different people regularly.   As time goes on, friendships may form as a result.  Adding people to your /friends list is one way to keep track of them.  However, fellowships can offer an option to band together a small group of people.

Think of fellowships as a small guild, which only allows a maximum of 12 players.

The main benefits to being in a fellowship are campfires.  These are created by having three other members within the same zone, near each other.  Depending on the components to make the fire, it will give off aura properties to all your fellowship members while they are within range of it.  A campfire buff will appear in your song window.  So for example, if I created a "Formal Fellowship of Health" campfire, all the members of my fellowship would receive a 1500 hp buff.  This buffs stacks with all other forms of buffs.

The campfire isn't only used for buffs, but members of your fellowship can port to the fire using their "Fellowship Registration Insignia".  This makes it easy for other members to port over and join you.

A fellowship also offers another line of communication, which only other members will see.  In order to talk within your fellowship, simply type: /fs  followed by whatever you want to say.

Fellowship do not interfer with guild associations.  That is, you can be in a fellowship and a guild at the same time.

I'd strongly encourage everyone to form or join a fellowship.   It's a great concept introduced to EQ and a shame not to at least take advantage of the buff / port benefits.

window toggle

CTRL-SHFT-F will bring up the fellowship window.

Forming a fellowship

Fellowships can only be formed inside the Plane of Knowledge zone at the NPC listed below.  However, you may invite others to your fellowship in any zone, as long as they're in the same zone as you. 

NPC: Randall of the Fellows
Location:  In the building west of the Nexus stone

Note:  Use the Find feature in game, if you're having trouble finding Randall.   CTRL-F will bring up the Find window.  Scroll within the window and click on the Randall name.  Follow the visual path it lays out for you.

Once you are within range of Randall of the Fellows, bring up the fellowship window.  Click on the "Create" button located in the bottom left corner.  If the button is greyed out, it means you're not close enough to Randall.

You've now created a fellowship of one person, yourself.  Of course, you can't benefit really with just you in the fellowship, since it takes three to make a campfire.   Time to make some friends!

fellowship registration insignia

In order to port to your campfires, you need to use the Insigna.  They are lore, but you can destroy them and simply ask Randall for another one.

To get an insigna, say 'how' to Randall of the Fellows.

Insignia's have unlimited clicks, a recast time of about 15 minutes and cannot be use while in combat mode, nor while invis'd.

Each member of your fellowship will need to get their own insigna, so remind them while they're nearby.

campfires & supplies

Any member of a fellowship can make a campfire.  Simply open up the fellowship window and click on the camp tab.

There are too many types of campfires to list here, but within the "Camp" tab, there's a pull down menu, where you can view all the possible combinations.

The important thing to note here is that the "Fellowship of Honor" campfire is always available and does not require components.  This is a long lasting standard fire, which has no buff benefits.  The point of this fire is to use it for porting, or setting it up somewhere where you may want to port back to later on.

Special fires require supplies to make.  There are two components that make up a particular campfire: Kit and Lumber Bundle.  Within the "Camp" tab in the fellowship window, you can select a fire type, and it will show a description and required components.

Near Randall of the Fellows, are two NPCs that sell Kits and Lumber Bundles.

Fellow Wyllie sells Kits

Fellow Byllie sells Lumber Bundles

Note: Some zones don't allow porting to campfires.  However, this doesn't stop you from making a fire and benefiting from the buff.


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