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The purpose here is to pass down this information to newcomers who join us on raids.  It's also a good refresher read for seasoned players.

With regards to the "Terminology & Abbreviations" section, long form is first, then in brackets is the abbreviation (if there is any).

Any information I want to stress, I will include it under "Important Info - Please Read".  This is to address specific issues that come into play, that must be understood.

If you have any questions regarding ANY of the information below, please don't hesitate to ask.


The raid tool gives us the ability to cluster groups together for easier organization.  There's a raid interface that we use to move people from one group to another and also allows communication within the raid via a special channel.  Additionally, we can set assists, marking and loot privileges within this interface.

The tool isn't perfect, and has limits.  Which is why I want to cover a few things in this area.

window toggle

ALT - R will bring up the raid window for most people (unless you've changed the key assignment).

You can bring up the raid window using this toggle, and click the "Accept" button to accept a raid invite that was sent.   Alternatively, to accept a raid invite, you can type the command /raidaccept

terminology & abbreviations

Raidinvite (RI) - This is how people request invites to raids in general.  Most of the time raid invite requests are made in a chat channel, or via tells to the raid leader.  For Freelance raids, we mostly have people send a tell for invite.   Sometimes people form groups and then ask for a RI and the entire group automatically gets invited to the raid.

Raid Leader (RL) - The person in charge of the raid tool.  Not always the same person leading the raid.  Sometimes, a person is delegated to handling raid invites and organizing groups and therefore has the RL control.

Loot Privileges - Who can check corpses initially is set in the options feature within the raid.  I'm mentioning this here, because often we have only 2-3 people checking corpses, and they're given this flag.  There are several options for loot authority, from entire raid to selective.  In case anyone is wondering why they can't loot a corpse, this is the reason.

Lock / Unlock - This feature is controlled by the RL.  In order for the raid leader to move people from one group to another etc, the raid must be locked first.  The raid must be unlocked to invite someone.  No leadership changes in group can be made while the raid is locked, nor can anyone invite someone to the raid via a group invite while the raid is locked.

important info - please read!

This is to address a few issues that always crop up on raids or during forming.

A raid request is made for an invite.  The person clicks the "Accept" button to accept the invite.  But it doesn't work.  So they think, what did I do wrong?  I must be bugged, relogging, brb...  <- Don't do this.  Just ask for another invite.

Listed below are some of the reasons why raid invites and/or an "Accept" fails:

  • Zoning prevents any invite request from reaching your character
  • Locked raid after an invite is sent
  • Prior outstanding raid/group invites
  • Being in a raid already and requesting an invite to one
  • Too many group leaders within the raid
  • Mercenary in group prevents invite
  • Offline character in group prevents invite

I often lock the raid to move people around, or remove group leader flags so we don't exceed the maximum and prevent future raid invites from working.  This is why it's important to try and not AFK, or zone after asking for a raid invite.

If for whatever reason, your raid invite request failed, just ask for another one.  Sometimes it takes a couple minutes for the raid leader to filter requests for invites.  Your patience is appreciated.  Thanks.


Screenshot of the Week!

Photographer:  Ssark


Send me (Furro) a tell in game, or post on forums any suggestions regarding the site or the raids we do.