the serpent's spine - frostcrypt, throne of the shade kiNG

There are two main end raid zones within this expansion:  Frostcrypt and Ashengate.   This area is a starting point for related events, strats and general information.

Frostcrypt is a two tier zone, each with it's own instance.  Both these tiers consist of mini type events for augment drops, and main events for main loot style drops.  Each Frostcrypt instance is commonly referred to as FC1 or FC2 respectively.

general info

These pages cover the basics of Frostcrypt, with regard to: zone entrance, mini and main events.

events & strats layout

All these pages are grouped by tier and structured to follow a similiar form.  They are written up this way to draw attention to key aspects of the event, our strat, and/or related class & group instructions.

A page may contain an "Important Info - Please Read!" section.  This is an area where I cover issues, reminders or extremely important instructions related to the event, which you need to be aware of.