shadow selves - event & strat

This is a mini-event, consisting of a boss & doppleganger type adds.

Mini-boss information

Mob Name: Thulagar
 AE Rampages
Banishment of Shadows -  Single Target 10k DD with slight pushback.

doppleganger add information

A doppleganger (clone) of a random raid member.  Depending on the class they copy, they have various spells.

Class Associated Doppleganger Spells: 

Arakeen's Sting - Single Target 1k DoT + 150 AC reduction, (50 poison counters).
Flashfire - Single Target 5k DD.
Kirin Touch - Single Target 10k Heal to another NPC
Numbing Wail - PBAE 3 sec stun (50` range).

All Dopplegangers can cast:

Identity Crisis - Single Target DA (Invulnerability 18 sec)
Phantasmal Shift - Illusion Target

event overview & strat

Once we start, Thulagar will spawn a random copy of someone in the raid!

Every 20 seconds, another player is copied until Thulagar is killed.

As the clones are made, we'll move them North side of the room for CC'ing.

Assist MA, and burn Thulagar down ASAP.