three brothers - event & strat

This is a mini-event, consisting of three main named giants.

mini-boss information

Mob Name: Hufdan
Hits: 4300
Abilities:  Flurries
AE: Touch of the Grave - Single Target 1k DD + Stun (3 sec)

Mob Name: Thuruld
Hits: 4300
Abilities:  Single-Target Rampage
AE: Freezing Breath - 70% Attack Reduction + 750 HP DoT (detrimental).

Mob Name: Haevnar
Hits: 6000
Abilities:  AE Rampages
Plague of Apathy - PBAE FD + Stun (10 sec)
Shards of Death - 100 Damage Shield, Self Buff.

event overview & strat

This encounter involves three giants, that we must kill in a certain order.  

As we DPS a giant, he despawns and a different one spawns.

At a point when we DPS Haevnar, two other giants will spawn.

We're OT'ing the other giants, finishing off Haevnar, then killing Thuruld and Hufdan last. 

Aside from some minor AE's + FD, assist MA as usual please.