hearol the tactician - event & strat

This is a main event, consisting of a Boss, and various adds with a shifting room mechanic.

boss information

Mob Name: Hearol the Tactician
Hits: 4500
Abilities:  Flurries and Single-Target Rampages
AE: Fury of the Tactician

additional mobs

Various mobs spawn during this event.

Trapmaster Fygor
Flurries and Single-Target Rampages
Trapmaster Xygor Flurries and Single-Target Rampages
a crypt guardian Single-Target Rampage
a crypt keeper AE Rampage and Flurries
a crypt shade AE Rampage
an enraged shade of Zek None

event overview & strat

At the start, Hearol the Tactician despawns and divides the room into half by destroyable ice walls.

On each side, giants will spawn. In addition, two untargetable gargoyle trapmasters, that roam around setting DD traps.

Killing the trapmasters, divides the room into quarters with giants in each corner and Hearol the Tactician in a random section.

Every 20% of Hearol, the room shifts, ice walls again, and he randomly moves to a different section with additional corner adds.

For the first part, assist MA, ignore the traps, kill the giant adds first, then trapmasters.

When fighting Hearol, stay on his front, away from the corner adds to avoid agroing them.