lorekeeper grenwald - event & strat

This is a main event, consisting of a Boss, several mini-bosses, and zombies!

Boss information

Mob Name: Lorekeeper Grenwald
Hits: 8500
Abilities:  Flurries and Single-Target Rampages
AE: Freezing Winds of the LoreKeeper

additional mobs

Various zombies and giants.

a foreboding crypt zombie Flurries and Single-Target Rampages
Frostslash, shade of Zek Flurries No
Icegrind, shade of Zek
Single-Target Rampages No
a Frostcrypt Alchemist
Flurries No

event overview & strat

This event starts out with ten active zombies, that all must die at the same time.

Once the zombies are dead, Frostslash, Icegrind and two Alchemists go active.

We have to kill these giants to activate Grenwald.

While kiting the zombies, we will take each down to 10% and mez/hold it.  Repeating for all, then killing them at the same time.

OT's will handle Frostslash, Icegrind and both Alchemists, while we assist MA and take them out.

During the final stage, we're killing Frostslash/Icegrind as they repop.