wulfnor the gladiator - event & strat

This is a main event, consisting of several mini-named, animal adds, and a boss.

boss & additional information

Mob Name: Wulfnor the Gladiator
Hits: 8500
Abilities:  AE Rampages (event stage specific)

Deft Blow -
1k DD + 3 sec stun (directional cone AE between 315° and 45°)
Putrid Cloud -
3k DD + Reduction Haste 40% (melee)
Sword Flash -
3k DD (directional cone AE between 315° and 45°)

Various mini-named involved are: Audir, Eadric, Fratho, Haldis, Hroar, Hulda, Thice, and Urga.

In addition, several mezzable animal beast adds come into play.

evert overview & strat

We must kill the mini-boss Gladiators, while dealing with Wulfnor.

When Wulfnor is 85%, he'll start spawning 3-4 animal adds every minute.

We're OT'ing Wulfnor, as we pull and kill each Gladiator.

For the animal adds, we're killing them as they spawn, mezzing as needed.

Assist MA please, except those assigned to Wulfnor.