fridleif, master warcraft - event & strat

This is a main event, consisting of a boss and Krithgor soldier adds with a twist.

boss information

Mob Name: Fridleif, Master Warcraft
Abilities:  Rampages (Single perhaps)
AE: None

additional mobs

Two other types of giants come into play during this event:

a reanimated Krithgor soldier
a disoriented Krithgor soldier Player Controlled

event overview & strat

During this event, Fridleif attacks with three sets of six add giants.

When a giant reaches 40%, it turns green in color and becomes our pet.

CC will mez the giant adds, while we DPS each down until it turns green.

Once a giant is green, stop attacking it, and /say attack.  This causes it to attack Fridleif.

Everyone assist MA, except those assigned to Fridleif.