backpack supplies

It's always good to be prepared for travel and raid encounters, by carrying with you a standard supply of utility items.

When we call a gather, by having access to simple things such as potions for invis and levitation, you don't have to rely on others to cast these on you.  This saves time and hassle.

Below is a small list of items we'd like Freelance raiders to always have with them:

  • Invis Potions - Unless you can self invis, have several of these on hand.  They are small cost 10.5pp each (more if you are ugly).
  • Invis vs Undead - Handy for bypassing small areas of undead.  Especially useful for those doing AE Blocker hand-ins in DSK.
  • Lev Potions - For emergency levitation.
  • Heal Potions - Good for all situations, player made or from a vendor in Plane of Knowledge.
  • Clarity Potion - For casters, when we don't have an enchanter at the raid, these are handy.

Note: There are several invis, IVU and Levitation clicky items in game.  I'm only listing the potion options, as there are too many click items to cover within this writeup.

potion belt

The potion belt allows you quick access to potions and mod rods without having to dig them out of your backpack and click them.

SHIFT-P will bring up your potion belt window.

You can pickup a potion or mod rod from your backpack and drop it into the belt.  Once it's there, you don't have to repeat this action.  Any items out of supply will show as the same icon, but highlighted in red.

To use an item from your belt, simply right click on it.


Screenshot of the Week!

Photographer:  Ssark


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