This critical role on raids usually falls to one or more of the following classes: Warrior, Shadowknight, and Paladin.

By the nature of open raids, our tank lineup is constantly changing from raid to raid.   We have regular tanks, but obviously they are not always able to attend.

I'm not big on one trick pony tanking.  What I mean by this is, I want to give aspiring tanks a chance and not just have the top geared tank at a raid, be the MT for every boss.  Tanks build confidence over time, and by tanking progressively more difficult content.  A newcomer, or less experienced tank, can only learn so much by observation.  They need to put what they see, into practice and experience it first hand. 

Terminology & Abbreviations

These are some basic tank terms you will most likely see during our raids.

Main Tank (MT) -  An assigned tank to a specific boss/miniboss.

Backup Tank (BT) - In a tank lineup, the MT is first.  When the MT dies, the BT takes his/her place.  We often don't use the term BT, however I'm listing it here in case we do.  Almost always, there is a tank lineup list.  This usually consists of at a minimum two tanks.

Rampage Tank (RT) - Usually assigned, and is the first person on the hatelist.

Off Tank (OT) - Tanking a mob without killing it.  Usually reserved for handling  mobs that are unmezzable, or otherwise can't be controlled by other means.  Sometimes referred to as dry tanking.

Main Assist (MA) - A person assigned to call targets for the raid to kill.  A tank class does not always fill this role.

Mark Up - A term used when we want our tanks to get agro on a mob without breaking mez.  Often times, before mobs are CC'd, they are picked up by our tanks in this fashion, so that when CC does step in, the tank doesn't break mez with their meleeing.

Snap Agro - A term used when we want a tank to pick up agro on something as fast as possible.

Tank Switch - A term used when one tank swaps in for another mid fight.  Normally done to make use of defensive discs, and increase survivability.

tank channel

Freelance uses a tank channel, so that we can communicate event specific instructions, and answer related questions.  In addition, the channel is used  extensively during events, to communciate crucial information.  For example, an assigned tank may be dead, charmed, or endurance is low, discs are down etc.  All this information passes through the tank channel.

Below is the tank channel name, password and classes we want in this channel at all times.

Password: tanks
Classes: Warrior, Paladin, Shadowknight
Channel Authority: Nimolak, Furro

important info - please read!

AC / Hitpoint / Defensive AA Info:

We're open raiders, and because of this, there is a huge disparity in gear by those who attend.  There is nothing wrong with this, and it's expected.  Some characters are more seasoned then others, be it in terms of experience and gear.  When forming tank lineups, assigning rampage tanks etc, I need to go through the available tanks on our raid and figure out which one to put where.  In order to determine these assignments, I sometimes have to ask a tank I'm unfamiliar with, what their AC/HP/AA are.  I realise, asking a tank this information can be a sensitive/taboo thing, however don't be offended by it.  I always send tells when I ask these questions, and I have a valid reason for asking.  My main point is, I have to gauge the tank partly based on this information, to enable me to put him/her in the best possible assignment that benefits the raid overall.

It's not often I even ask these questions, but in case I do, it's totally up to you whether you want to answer or not.  If it makes you feel any better, I'll tell you my AC/HP/AA and you can laugh. :P


Screenshot of the Week!

Photographer:  Ssark


Send me (Furro) a tell in game, or post on forums any suggestions regarding the site or the raids we do.