crowd control

On Freelance raids, most of the crowd control duties are handled by Enchanters and Bards.  However, some events have adds which can be dealt with more efficiently by using CC type spells or tactics, which other classes offer.  These special case situations call on classes such as Rangers, Druids, Shaman, Shadowknights, and Necros.

This area covers some terms and the related channel we use on Freelance raids.

Terminology & Abbreviations

Crowd Control (CC) - The ability to control one or more creatures in an area, by means of spells, alternate abilities, off-tanking or kiting.

Mesmerize (Mez) - The ability to temporarily put one or more creatures in a state of suspension or sleep, and halting their movement.  While in this state, the creature will not be able to harm anyone.

Mez Break - A term used when mesmerize breaks on one or more mobs.  This can happen if the mez spell wears off, or by someone using spell / melee damage.

Memory Blur (Memblur, Blur) - A spell line, that when cast on a mob, wipes it's hatelist (clears it's memory of everyone it was after).

Rune - An enchanter spell line which is a buff that provides some protection from incoming damage.  There is a damage cap associated with the buff, and when it's reached, the buff fades.

CC Channel

Freelance uses a CC channel, so that we can communicate event specific instructions and answer related questions.  It's used during events to pass along crucial information. 

Below is the CC channel name, password and classes we want in this channel at all times.

Password: cc
Classes: Enchanter, Bard, Monk, Ranger, Druid
Channel Authority: Nubatamax, Furro

Note: For specific events, we sometimes ask additional classes to join the channel.  These classes are: Druid, Ranger, Necro, Shaman, Shadowknight, Necro

important info - please read!

Mez Breaks:

Try not to break mez.  Accidental mez breaking happens, and we understand that.   To help prevent these from happening, we like to be as informative as possible about which mobs are mezzable and unmezzable.


For some areas and raid events, we utilize this spell line to reset early or mistaken agro.  Just be aware what the term means, and when it's called in /rs etc, that you don't re-engage the target it was cast on.


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