DPs - overview

We are all over the map in terms of DPS on Freelance raids.  Since we never know who's really going to show up, sometimes we have massive DPS and other times, it's lower.  This is just the nature of open raiding, and we deal with it.  Whether it's melee or caster DPS, we don't discriminate.  We accept any form (even ugly trolls!)

The DPS role is just as important as the other roles on Freelance raids.  They're our offense action, our muscle.  They draw on the support of others, while providing valuable DPS to defeat our enemies.

This area covers some DPS terms you'll see on our raids, and general DPS related information.

Please visit our DPS forum area for in depth discussion and related tips.

terminology & abbreviations

Below are some common DPS terms we use:

Disc at will -  This is your queue for full out offense action.  Usually done in /rs, by someone with raid authority.  Use your best DPS discs at this point.  Casters, this is a full burn state, no holding back.

Glyph at will - If your discs are down, and you can spare using gylphs, this is the time.  This call is usually reserved for special occasions, especially when we've already done a disc call prior.  At this point, it's all or nothing and when we need that extra DPS boost that gylphs can provide, the call is made.

Disc Defensive - Usually reserved for calling in the tank channel, sometimes it's called in /rs.   It's crunch time at this point, if alot of healers are down, getting close to a cascade, we do this call to help stem off the threat and reinforce the ranks temporarily.  This is the call to use whatever defensive lines you have, without providing further disruption.

Going in 30 seconds - This is the 30 second warning we use prior to engage.  Not a good time to AFK when you see this message!   This is the time you should be focused and at the ready.

important info - please read!

AFK  - Try not to AFK just prior to engage.  If prep is going to take a little longer then normal, I usually mention it in /rs.  The same goes for a few mins before engage, then the final 'Going in 30 seconds' is called.  If you have to take a short AFK, the best time is at a staging area, where we're pulling trash to.

Engage - Once we engage an event or boss, always wait for the Main Assist to call you in.  Early engaging can often lead to being higher on the hatelist, or result in pulling agro off the MT.  Further, if you happen to engage before the MT, and before we set Rampage, you will end up being Rampage.

Rampage Call - Some events / bosses, we can't set up rampage effectively.  This is due usually to the event having a random boss pop mechanic, or blurring / reset etc.   In these situations, if you are Rampage, ALWAYS call it in /rs.  This helps us determine quickly who rampage is, and provide necessary healing.

AE Rampage -  Mobs with this ability can be a big drain on healers.  It helps if melee  find the sweet spot for meleeing distance, where by they don't take AE rampage damage, but are still able to hit the mob.

Low HP State -  This is usually around 30% HP or so for most people.  When you're at this point, if you don't see a heal incoming, pop a potion and back off for a second.  Sometimes just that action alone, gives a healer enough time to land the heal and you can step back in.


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