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cunning plan foiled - taskmaster defeated!

This past Friday, we successfully defeated Taskmaster Yeorick in Lichen Creep!  Rawr!

Although we often divide our team to handle various raid elements, this event took it several steps further.  The script depth added additional logistcal challenges.  By design, the event required us to divide our forces three to four ways, and imposed restrictions on the size of those forces.  Each split section as a unit had their own assigned objectives, and dealt with various mobs, emotes, and mechanics.

Heavily scripted encounters play to our strengths: raid discipline, focus, and skill.  Moreover, an understanding that we are relying on each other to carry through as tasked.

It's all about teamwork, and tackling the challenges in our progression paths.  For every hurdle we overcome; we fuse further together as a team.

Outstanding job everyone!

Hope to see you in game.  Have a safe week!

Posted by Furro on Monday, November 07, 2011

arthicrex sprayed!

Over the last few weeks, we made a progression push to finish up Tier 6.5 by defeating the Arthicrex events.

Back in late July, we defeated The Hive Guardians!  A fun encounter, that hinges mainly on raid shifting as a team.  Coupled with the usual set of mechanics, the shifting element is really what brings this home as a great event in my opinion.

Just this past weekend, we got our first win on The Cliknar Queen!  This event is extremely well designed.  With four major mechanics in play, coupled with Queen DPS being on par with Brath, it put us through our paces, and will continue to do so. 

Challenging events are what we thrive on as a team.  These two recent encounters are no exception.  Our time put into learning and defeating events continually strengthens our collective mindset, and increases our overall power by virtual of the resulting gear upgrades.  It's not about where we're at compared to others, but how we face the progression hurdles that block our path ahead. 

Let's keep focus on the team effort.  The "never give up mentality".  Persistence is our strength.  Death is meaningless.  Focus is everything.  Your actions and performance have a direct impact on our success.

Progression Path, Access & Gear Upgrades

With Arthicrex defeated, we're now able to request and advance into Tier 7.  In order to participate in these raids, in addition to the Emblem of Brell, some group zone flags and related missions will be required.  Many of you have been working diligently on the missions already, and that's great!  I've outlined on the forums HERE, the basics and priority to focus on in this regard.

In terms of our path going forward, many of our tanks are missing their UF Breastplates and Legs, which frequently drop from Arthicrex.  In order to survive the next tier, it's critical that we farm these pieces.  This means keeping Arthicrex in the mix, while we break into T7 events.

Coupled with T7 exploration, and Arthicrex, Tick Tock will be slotted back into the weekly cycle for both gear and spell/disc upgrades. 

I strongly urge everyone to not overlook the Underfoot gear available.  Keep in mind that Tick Tock drops will naturally be in higher demand this early into the farming, whereas UF pieces are dirt cheap by comparison.  This works to your advantage, as you get more value for your DKP, by virtue of picking up more UF pieces.

Remember, we're only as strong as our weakest link.  Put some thought into your upgrade paths both short and long term.  For tanks, focus on Heroic AGI, DEX, STR (get hagi over 200 at least).  For casters, make sure you're covering all avenues of proper Focii related to your class. 

Magelo & Gear Check

For anyone serious about their character and performance, peer critiquing is extremely helpful.

To any and all interested, I started a Gear Check thread on the FL Forums, in the Raider Essentials section. 

What I recommend is, go to, register or subscribe for the EQ Character Profile service.  Basically, it's a 3rd party service whereby you can monitor your gear outside EQ.  The free service I believe only syncs AA, and requires manual placement via their site for each piece of gear/augs etc.  However with a subscription, it will sync all your gear/stats automatically.  I believe both Free/Subs versions allow for multiple profiles, where you can make up future gear sets and swaps to do comparisons and/or plan short/long term goals.

Once you have magelo setup in some form, then goto:  This is the defacto site basically for looking up gear and doing comparisons.  You can look up the raids by tier, or filter searches by all sorts of stats, including heroics (<hint> Hagi tanks).  By using this site, you can lookup gear for content we're currently in and make choices for what best suits your character.  Take note of your choice(s), and slot them into your magelo alt profile(s) as perhaps short and long term goals.

When done, if you're looking for gear suggestions, then goto the FL forums, in the related thread mentioned above and post your magelo link.  We can reply to each others and offer advice.

The important thing about this process is to not be subconscious about your gear.  All that matters is that you're making the effort to improve your character, and that you take the advice offered into consideration.

That's all for now!  See you in game!

Posted by Furro on Sunday, August 14, 2011

tick tocks clock stopped!

Although it was the July 1st - 4th Holiday weekend in Canada/US, we scheduled raid events, and took advantage of the double experience bonus as well.

On Saturday, we revisited Tick Tock in House of Thule and stopped the clock in its tracks!  We had a good showing, and smooth run overall.  Outstanding job everyone, and thanks to all those who were able to attend inbetween their holiday activities!

Hope everyone had a safe July 1st - 4th holiday!   See you in game!

Posted by Furro on Monday, July 4, 2011

Braths' Wrath Smashed!

Thursday: Retro - Fetter operation (SZ, Suchun, Daosheen)

Friday: UF - The Beast, The Wrath of Brath!

Saturday: UF - Arthicrex attempts (first look), Fippy Darkpaw for the closer.

Prior to the SoE downtime, we had almost taken down Brath with a wipe at 4%!  This Friday, we returned to seek our revenge and defeated him on the 2nd attempt of the night with a respectable force for 42!  With our unique setup, the final stages were intense!  But everyone pushed hard and it showed.  Outstanding effort all!

On Saturday, we took our first look at Arth1 event.  As anticipated, maneuvering as a team will take some practice.  However, shortly into our attempts, improvements were clearly visible, and I'm confident throwing ourselves at this event a few more times will iron out our rough spots.  Thanks everyone for taking the time, and being patient between attempts.

Over the past couple weeks, we've been retro raiding PoR events to polish off Fetters for those who need.  In the coming weeks, we'll hit up DK for another avenue of Circle of Power clickies in addition to our Solteris clearings weekly.

Overall, we're making progress.  The SoE downtime has set us back.  However, the motivation to progress and push forward hasn't been forgotten!  Our goal is to continue farming Emblems for UF T7, while working on Arthicrex and farming CoPower clickies.

Everyone is welcome to raid with us.  This is a /shout out to all those who are interested in raiding in a friendly atmosphere, with a dedicated team of individuals collectively working towards the same goals: Progressing through challenging content, and helping others enjoy the journey along the way!

Freelance Perks

  • No mandatory raid attendance.  Show up on your own schedule.  We respect your time is your own.
  • DKP System - Transparent, fair, and earning points extremely quick.  Spent points are spread among the team.  There is no inflation, demand dictates item costs, YOU determine item value based on your desire for it.
  • No guild affiliations - You don't have to leave your guild to join/attend our raids!  This makes it easy to attend between raid nights and avoid other guild/team conflicts of interest.  Upgrades you earned from our raids translate to gains for your own team as well; it's win win for everyone and helps the community!
  • Friendly & Helpful atmosphere - You won't find a better group of people anywhere.  Raids are not led by an ironfist dictatorship, there is no talking down or any drama of any kind.  If you want to experience content in a low stress environment, then Freelance is for you!  Rawr!
  • New to raiding scene?  No problem!  Open raiding is where it's at!  We're dedicated to helping others of all playstyle backgrounds and experience.  Passing down raiding knowledge leads to better raiders.  There's no intimidation factor on our raids, mistakes can and do happen and that's all part of the learning process!  We work together and include everyone in our efforts to improve performance on both an individual and team level.

If you're looking for a no-hassle, zero stress raiding team; then Freelance is for you!  Come /join our channel: FLRaids:raids and get to know us!

PS: Bring pie.

Hope to see you in game.  Have a safe week!

Posted by Furro on Sunday, June 5, 2011

burynai Destroyer buried!

Thursday: UF - Fippy Darkpaw, The Beast.  Retro Raid - Solteris

Friday: UF - The Unburrowing, Masked Invaders!

Saturday: UF - The Wrath of Brath (2x attempts).  Retro Raid - Solteris

Following Unburrowing on Friday, with enough flagged in attendance, we took a run at Masked Invaders and defeated it in the very first attempt!  It was a marathon battle, but everyone hung on and we pulled through.  Nice work all!

On Saturday, having lockouts on our primary targets, we took our first look at the Wrath of Brath event in Underquarry.  With a limited setup at the time, the main goal was merely to size up the encounter.  Even though the attempts were brief, we gained some insight into the initial first stage.  All in all, it was time well spent, and we polished off the remainder of the evening in Solteris farming clickies.

That's all for now!  See you in game!

Loot lists have been updated.

Posted by Furro on Sunday, February 6, 2011

protauris exterminated!

Thursday: UF - Fippy Darkpaw.  Retro Raid - Solteris Events 1-5

Friday: UF - The Beast.  Retro Raid - Solteris Events 6-7

Saturday: UF - The Unburrowing!

Strong progress was made over the last few weeks against the Unburrowing event.  On Saturday, in an outstanding show of support and teamwork, we defeated Protauris and his troublemakers on the 3rd attempt!

Thanks everyone for your dedication, determination and patience through several wipes and resets.  This was a challenging event, and no doubt many more await us in Underfoot and beyond!

With Unburrowing defeated, the next series of events are unlocked and available to us.  As we continue to farm coins and upgrades, we'll size up these other events and begin familiarizing ourselves with the mechanics.

Have a safe week!  Hope to see you at raids!

Loot lists have been updated.

Posted by Furro on Sunday, January 30, 2011

Underfoot & Retro Raids!

Thursday: Retro Raid - Solteris

Friday: Retro Raid - Solteris

Saturday: Underfoot - Fippy Darkpaw, The Beast


We're making steady progress in this area.  Weekly farming of both Fippy Darkpaw and The Beast are providing us with the necessary upgrades and keys needed for advancement.

The Unburrowing encounter is our next hurdle to overcome.  Over the past few weeks, we've made a few attempts and tweaked our tactics.  With additional practice and persistence, I'm confident we can defeat this encounter.

Retro Raids

In conjunction with our Underfoot raiding efforts, we've also been revisiting older content in order to farm specific Aura Circle clicky type items that provide overall raid power gains.

That's all for now!  Hope to see you at raids!

Loot lists have been updated.

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Posted by Furro on Sunday, January 16, 2011