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FL Rings in 2013 with Rain of Fear win!

After a nifty little game of Whodunit (and for the record, Mystacal was the murderer), it was time for a battle with High Priest Syltetzalvek.  This cat loves to roll out the (explosive) barrels, launch a 50k AE every 40 seconds, oh and by the end spawns 10 nasty adds.  Using some new dance moves taught to us by Furro (who knew?), Freelance broke into RoF in style and downed the little bugger.

We'll continue to whittle away at Veil of Alaris until Sepulcher is down and advance in Rain of Fear while the gettin' is good.  One thing is for sure: we've got open raid teamwork everyone wishes they had.  Come and join us, there's still a couple open spots for the ride!

Posted by Ssark on Friday, Dec 28, 2012

HoT Complete, Rubak/CoB down!

Since our last update, we've been quite busy.  Not only did we finish off Morell Thule and the HoT expansion, we've conquered Rubak Oseka and City of Bronze to place ourselves squarely into VoA T4.  Rubak was sure challenge for us, with six minis to be tanked simultaneously along with various adds and mechanics, but we found a solid strategy that works for the team and nowadays it looks easy.

We've won City of Bronze twice now, but the event is long and the Carnifex mini (along with SoE's random number generator) is never a sure thing, so we've pushed hard into Pillars of Alra and the joys of splitting a raid four ways.  Pillars presents its own unique challenges, and you'll never see anything in the group game quite like it.

Finally, the minimum requirements to raid with us have been bumped up, because the raid content we are now experiencing requires a well-developed character.  Please check out those requirements here and work towards them if you need to before joining the team!

Posted by Ssark on Sunday, Oct 14, 2012

progress update!

Resplendent Temple - Two Sides of the Stone:

In a wonderful epic battle of multiple tactics, strategies, having no buffs, looking like zombies, begging for mod rods, jumping out windows, hugging totems and passing books where anything could go wrong... something did.  Read more...

Fear - Cazic's Final Stand: Freelance trashes Fear Itself, 6/22/2012, on first attempt.  Screenshot here.

Morell's Castle - The Awakening:
Congratulations, Freelance!  The Dreamleech smashed, 7/12/2012.  The way to SS is now open!  Screenshot here.

Posted by Ssark on Monday, July 16, 2012

Miragul and the Beast!

Our work here in Spring 2012 has been focused on the second and third tier of both the House of Thule and Veil of Alaris expansions.  After having subdued Lilth and Al'Kabor and putting them on farm status, it was only inevitable that Miragul should join them... and he did.  The event is a lot like mini-Creation + Audience with Brell from UF, and our experience in doing these raids paid off in spades.

On the VoA front, we've been busy getting a raid force ready for Tier 3 by improving our efficiencies in Argath, Valley and Sarith.  The time had come, though, to test our mettle on the King of the Hill, and in an epic battle of Freelance will versus the event, we came out on top.

Our next stop is to farm enough keys to take out Cazic in Fear and move into the last stages of HoT, improve our technique in Beasts' Domain, and get some solid looks into Rubak and Resplendent Temple.  Jumping out windows should be a blast, and who wouldn't want to try a scaled up version of Time and Tides?  It's just the kind of challenge we relish at Freelance.

Posted by Ssark on Sunday, June 10, 2012


At Freelance raids, we're completionists. Heck, we paid for this content, we might as well see it! Despite the fact we're working on T2/T3 in VoA and HoT, we still wanted to bash in The First Creation's head in Convorteum.. and so we did.

So come join us as we journey through House of Thule and Veil of Alaris in the same vein. We're currently working on T3 progression in both expansions, T2 farming for items and keys and the like. There's always room for another good player who wants the freedom to raid without being forced to come

Posted by Ssark on Sunday, April 22, 2012

Ritual of Terror & Roots of evil vanquished!

This weekend, we pushed through the vile lizards in Feerott and jumped into HoT Tier 2, punishing Thornbustle on our first try.  The way is now open for progression key and item farming in the second tier of HoT!  A montage of the carnage and happy raid team can be viewed at here.  Fantastic job everyone!

Posted by Ssark on Sunday, February 26, 2012

VOA: Avatar of steel slagged!

Over the last few weeks, inbetween holiday Xmas/New Years break, we polished our tactics against Illdaera's Vengeance, the first Tier VoA raid.  On Friday, with 38 in the raid, solid teamwork and a big helping of pie for added edge, the Avatar of Steel was defeated!

Nice work everyone!  Ssark was able to snap a couple Screenshots also!

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Posted by Furro on Sunday, January 15, 2012