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Meldrath defeated!

Thursday: MMM - Brinda

Friday: MMM - Breakneck, Krond, Bargangle Tinkerson, Tactical Prototype

Saturday: MMM - Meldrath, SoD - Queen Malarian

On Thursday, Brinda was giving us a hard time!  But we pushed back!  Initially that evening, we started with our regular strat.  Following the wipe, we explored another strategy, which had potential, but didn't pan out well after a couple runs/adjustments.  Aside from the time loss, it was worth putting theory to practice.  For the final attempt, we reverted back to our normal strat, stressing importance in key areas and pulled off a deserving win!  Thanks to everyone, who stuck it out through those wipes.  Reflecting back on the event, I have two strat adjustments in place for our next run.  The changes should increase our survival, especially those of our CC team.

Friday, we made up ground, dropping everything except Meldrath.  A smooth run overall; a tribute to your skill and focus.

Saturday, we started off fresh with a near flawless Meldrath victory.  For a couple weeks, we've been close on this event,  fine tuning and becoming more familiar with it's mechanics each time.  Your efforts put forth, go a long way towards furthering our progression as a raid force.  Thanks.

Following Meldrath, we finished up the night with Queen Malarian.  Expect to see both QM and Rottrued back on our radar in the upcoming weeks.

MMM State:

Our performance in Mansion is improving steadily.  We're near the point where we can clear the zone in two nights.  However, it's risky to make that assumption still.

There's solid reasoning behind keeping to a three day cycle in this zone.  By entering Mansion on a Thursday, it allows us to drop certain events, saving us two hours minimum of raid time the following night.  Success of this action however, depends largly on our numbers.  Any raid nights you're able to attend is extremely helpful, especially Thursdays.  Even if you're unable to stay for the entire raid, that's not an issue; you're still welcome to attend!

Your support is greatly appreciated.  In addition, thanks to those who show up early for trash clearing and event preparation.

FLBot Changes:

Mostly performance and code cleanup.  To address issues of delay/lag, and total bottleneck situations (a query, and FL site being unreachable).  Queries for DKP should be more responsive now.


- DKP DB names/values pulled down on startup, placed in a HASH, stored in memory.
- Cleaned up and removed features not used, and legacy code
- Fixed code issues, that previously were being reported as warnings
- Dressed up logging for clarity

Have a safe week, hope to see you at raids!

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Posted by Furro on Monday, October 26, 2009

weekend update!

Thursday: MMM - Brinda

Friday: MMM - Breakneck, Krond, Bargangle Tinkerson, Tactical Prototype

Saturday: MMM - Meldrath attempt (12%)

Opening with Brinda on Thursday, allowed  us to break up Mansion going into the weekend, resulting in a better window for Meldrath.  I've scheduled something similiar for this upcoming week, with some additional tweaks to save time.

Although we didn't pull of a Meldrath win this weekend, we improved with our recent attempt and managed to get him down to 12%.  Based on this recent run, and feedback, I've made the necessary adjustments for next weekend.

Special thanks to all those who are attending early to help prep inside MMM.  For those interested, I usually announce this in the FLRaids channel.

That's it for now!  See you in game!

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Posted by Furro on Monday, October 12, 2009

prototype tested, found defective!

Thursday: Rottrued

Friday: MMM - Breakneck, Krond, Brinda, Bargangle Tinkerson

Saturday: MMM - Tactical Prototype, Meldrath attempt

On Thursday, we pulled off our first Rottrued victory.  As expected, the totem stage took a few attempts, and adjustments were made to reflect our setup.  Your patiance is greatly appreciated during the early stages of learning on these types of events.  Thanks.

Excellent progress was made within MMM this weekend.  The strong start on Friday, allowed us to open with Tactical Prototype Saturday.  This was our first look at Prototype, and as much as I prep for an event on paper, witnessing it unfold almost always requires some adjusting.  We made marked improvements with each attempt, and pulled off a victory on the 3rd go.  Although it was late, we couldn't leave without making at least one attempt at Meldrath, and managed to get him to 31% before wiping.  I have some minor tweaks and corrections in place for our next run.  Overall, for a first attempt, we did extremely well.  A tribute to everyones strong effort and focus.

Hope to see everyone at raids!  See you in game!

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Posted by Furro on Monday, September 28, 2009

most of mansion mauled!

Thursday: Big Bynn, Deepscar

Friday: MMM - Breakneck

Saturday: MMM - Krond, Brinda Sprockets, Bargangle Tinkerson

The night before entering Mansion, we did a partial flagging run.  This helped fill in the gaps for those missing BB/DS pieces.  Although it wasn't a full flag cycle, it was time well spent.  For every person we flag, is another potential raider that can join us inside Mansion.

For our first run inside MMM this weekend, we did exceptionally well.  We managed to defeat several events.  However, not without causing some visits to our bind points!  All part of the learning process, and as always, everyone took it in stride.  Your patience is greatly appreciated, as we acclimate to the zone and events, we'll no doubt become more efficient at them.  Once again, outstanding effort by all this weekend!

Have a safe week!  Hope to see you at raids!

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Posted by Furro on Sunday, September 13, 2009

long weekend update!

Thursday: Big Bynn, Deepscar, Steam Factory 3x

Friday: BMK3

Saturday: Queen Malarian

Even though it was a long weekend, coupled with bonus XP, we managed to bang out some regular targets.  Most importantly, was a full round of MMM flags.  This puts us in a better position for our first MMM raid this upcoming weekend.  Thanks everyone for taking a few hours to redo these events.  I'm sure it's greatly appreciated by all those who were missing the pieces.

MMM & Flags

Our first MMM raid is scheduled for this upcoming Friday & Saturday.  The reason it's not on Thursday, is to allow us another night just before entering Mansion to polish up a few outstanding unflagged people.

For those who are missing pieces, we have several extras from recent Steam Factory events.  Please consult the list and ask the person for the pieces you're missing.  From a quick glance, I see people who can be finished their flag from just using our extra pieces.  This is the entire point of collecting them, so please take advantage of it.  Holders of extras, please try and post when you've handed a piece out, so I can adjust the list and keep it accurate.  Thanks.

Just as a note, we're not dropping flagging events from the schedule just yet.  They have loot value outside of the flag drops.  What will happen is, they'll get mixed up with gyro core dropping events such as BMK3/Bimba, and SoD QM/BB for loot/zeb unlocks.

MMM Prep

To help prepare for our upcoming Mansion raids, I covered a few basic areas of the zone, and some necessary event audio trigger information.  Details are posted on the forums, upcoming events section here.

Hope to see everyone at raids!  See you in game!

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Posted by Furro on Monday, September 07, 2009

queen malarian exterminated!

Thursday: Big Bynn, Deepscar

Friday: Queen Malarian attempts

Saturday: Queen Malarian (win), Clankwrench, Spindlecrank, Mining Behemoth

Consistent strong effort paid off this weekend, with several runs at Queen Malarian on Friday, we ironed out the strat and pulled off our first QM win on Saturday!  Nicely done everyone!  Thanks to all those who participated and for your steady perseverance through multiple attempts leading up to the win!

Defeating Queen Malarian unlocks items from Zebuxoruk in the Void.  The list is posted on the forums here.

Hybrid DKP

- Adjusted timeframe window and format within each of the ruleset states: Random and DKP.

These changes are merely to help expedite the distribution process, and reduce workload of the person delegating loot.  No rule changes were done, only procedure tweaking.  As always, I document all changes publicly, in the related thread located here.

That's it for now!  See you in game!

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Posted by Furro on Sunday, August 23, 2009

mmm flagging continues!

Thursday: Mining Behemoth, Clankwrench

Friday: Spindlecrank, Deepscar

Saturday: Big Bynn, BMK3

Another full cycle of flagging for Mansion this week.  In addition, we pulled off an exciting BMK3 win on Saturday!  Outstanding performance by all!

MMM Flagging Status

As mentioned before, I'm tracking MMM flag pieces looted on our raids.  The list is kept up to date and located on the forums here.  Any extra pieces are being looted and added to a related list within same post.  I'm tracking these, so that we can hand them out to individuals to help fill their flag gaps.  This will prevent the pieces from going to waste, and expedite flagging en masse.

Anyone with pieces obtained outside of Freelance raids, can post in the related thread once you have the flag completed.  I'll then update your status to 'Completed' in the list, so it accurately represents our flagged numbers.

Please note, the tracking above is only the five raid drops.  That means, once you have obtained the pieces, your status is changed to 'Completed'.  I'm not checking if you have finished the task on your end or not.  We're active in the FLRaids channel for those needing assistance with The Search for the Ultimate Story task.  In addition, there is a post here, where you can reply to arrange a possible time to help, or request help with the above task.

Freelance State

The goal over the next few weeks is to continue priority on a full cycle of all five flagging events, and toss in other gear targets such as BMK3 and Bimbalicus.  Ideally, we should be able to pull off complete flagging in a single night.  The following evening we can hit up some farm targets for gear, and potentially explore entry level SoD raid events. 

As always, please continue to spread the word about Freelance, our goals, and rally support from your friends & fellow guild members.  Full raids allow us to cover more ground, reap the benefits along the way and in turn progress us forward as a raid force.

See you in game!

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Posted by Furro on Sunday, August 09, 2009

big bynn defeated!

Thursday: Steam Factory cleared & Big Bynn

Friday: Deepscar

Saturday: BMK3 & Bimbalicus

Following our Steam Factory clear on Thursday, we made use of our optimal setup and took a run at Big Bynn.  Applying our experience from previous attempts, with outstanding gameplay by all those in attendance, we pulled off our first Big Bynn victory!  Congrats all who won flag pieces!

Having finished up a full cycle of MMM progression events.  On Saturday, we hit up some other targets for additional gear opportunities.  In the mix, we finally got in our first BMK3 win!  The fight itself was a bit chaotic, but exciting!  I'm certain now that we've seen the script play out, the next runs will be much smoother. 

That's all for now!  Hope to see you at raids!

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