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edging into underfoot!

Thursday: Underfoot - Fippy Darkpaw

Friday: Underfoot - The Beast attempts (13%)

Saturday: Underfoot - The Beast attempts

We resumed raids a while back, following a short break after the House of Thule expansion release.  Since then, we've been active in Tower, and edging our way into Underfoot!

Back on December 3rd, we pulled off our first Fippy Darkpaw win!  Following several progressive attempts, our perseverance paid off.  Nice work everyone!

Our next hurdle is The Beast encounter.  We've spent a few nights throwing ourselves at this event.  Several adjustments have been made, with measurable results.  Our best run was Friday, getting Grunkuck to 13 percent!  Outstanding effort by all!  Your time and effort through multiple attempts as we break new ground is greatly appreciated.


Underfoot events are difficult by design.  The challenge is facing this content as a team, and progressing through it.  We rely on each other, and collectively it's our strength. 

Challenging content is what it's all about.  We're moving into the best raid content since Gates of Discord.  This is an exciting time!  You as an individual can make your mark by raiding with Freelance, and contributing to our success!  Rawr!

That's all for now!  See you next week at raids!

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Posted by Furro on Sunday, December 12, 2010

lord brekt defeated!

Thursday: Tower - Mindblight, Trophy Room, Stasis

Friday: Tower - Scrying, Sacrifice

Saturday: Tower - Elite Towerguards, Overlord Muram, Lord Brekt!

With more focus on Tower of late, we pushed through the last two events this past Saturday securing a Brekt victory on the first attempt!  Outstanding effort everyone!

As we continue to farm Tower, we'll also be revisiting the Rathe theme for  progression unlocks.

Tower Backflags

Korafax was edged out of our weekly schedule the last couple weeks to allow a larger window for Tower events.  However, returning to clear Korafax remains important, as there are still those who need the hidden flags.

Korafax runs will be posted in advanced on the forums, Upcoming Events section.  This will give lead time for those missing the flags to plan ahead.

Have a safe week!  Hope to see you on raids!

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Posted by Furro on Monday, Sept 20, 2010

Tower Progress - Trophy room cleared!

Thursday: Rottrued (HM), Korafax VL, Tower - Mindblight, Rottrued (Normal)

Friday: Warrens - CC, Korafax - Mindshear, Tower - Trophy Room!

Saturday: Warrens - CC (HM), Korafax VL (HM), FoS3, Tower - Stasis (attempts)

Over the last few weeks, coupled with regular farm targets to strengthen our force, we've secured several Mindblight victories in Tower.

This past Friday, we defeated the Trophy Room event in Tower!  Earlier attempts allowed us to adjust our strat and iron out trouble spots.  Outstanding effort everyone!

With Trophy Room down, on Saturday followed by some warmup farm targets, we took our first look at the Stasis event.  Two strong attempts were made, with encouraging results!  We reached the final Curator and Riftseeker balance pair stages on both attempts.  Adjustments will be in place for our next run against this event!  Thanks everyone for making the attempts!

Tower Schedule

We'll be hitting Tower more often now, starting with Thurdsay nights to break into the zone.  In order to give us the window needed in Tower, some lower Tier SoD events will be cycled out temporarily.  However, priority events such as Korafax and Crystal Core will continue weekly.

Tower Key demand is still present.  I'm aware several people are missing Pallorax to complete their Tower Flag.  I also realise that due to RL schedules, not everyone can attend the Circle of Prophets hosted Pallorax on Sunday/Mondays.  With that in mind, I've talked with Frostfox about it, and as CoP mixes up their targets, I'll be able to slot in Pallorax for a Thursday, Friday or Saturday in the near future to try and finish up those missing the flag.  When Pallorax is planned, I'll post it on the Forums, Upcoming Events section to give everyone some lead time to plan ahead.

Void E - Korafax

Several people are still missing the group Korafax access flag.  This locks them out from attending our Korafax and Tower raids.  Those missing the flags are encouraged to ask for assistance within the FLRaids channel.  Although everyones time is important,  it's greatly appreciated and beneficial to us as a community to help others with their flagging efforts.  Let's continue to devote our time to this cause, as it strengthens us as a whole, and contributes to our success as an open raiding team.  Thanks!

That's all for now!  Hope to see everyone next week at raids!

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Posted by Furro on Sunday, August 22, 2010

Tower Defenses tested - Mindblight defeated!

Thursday: Korafax cleared.

Friday: Korafax - Pallorax (HM), Venom Lord (HM), Warrens - CC

Saturday: Warrens - CC (HM), Tower - Mindblight!  Trophy Room (attempt)

Among our regular farm targets this week, we topped off Saturday's run with our first Mindblight kill in Tower!  Last weeks attempts were both revealing and promising.  For Saturday, following our first attempt, we changed our approach and optimized our setup placing more focus where it was needed.  As a result, we got MB to 32% before the reset.  The final attempt we closed the 2% gap needed, and secured a win.

Mindblight is a chaotic, but interesting event.  I'm confident we'll smooth our rough edges against this encounter with practice and dedication.  Outstanding effort everyone!

Have a safe week!  Hope to see you on raids!

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Posted by Furro on Sunday, June 20, 2010

Discord Tower Entered!

Thursday: Korafax cleared.

Friday: Korafax - Pallorax (HM), Tower - Mindblight (attempts)

Saturday: Crystal Core (HM/Normal), Korafax - Hard Mode Venom Lord & Mindshear

We took our first look at Tower this weekend, and made several strong attempts on Mindblight!  An interesting event, and throwing ourselves at it has yielded valuable information.  Based on these attempts, adjustments are in place for our next run.

For those missing Tower Keys, have no fear, we're not leaving you behind!  This weeks Tower raid was merely a phase-in, to start acclimating to the zone and events.  We managed to piggy in five people on Friday, and we encourage others that meet our minimum pig requirements and wish to join us, to idle in the cpigs:pigs channel.  This allows us a wider selection to chose from and compliments our setup overall.

In addition to our regular farm targets this week, we defeated Hard Mode Mindshear!  This completes a full clear of Korafax Hard Mode.  Smooth run, and nice work everyone!


Over the last few weeks, we've done two complete clears of the zone and covered many suffixes/unlocks.  Overall, the zone has been good to us, in terms of gear and challenging events (Vyskudra!).  However, it's time to drop it from our active cycle  and focus solely on SoD and Tower progress.  At some future date, we may return and retro raid this zone for fun, allowing others to experience some unique events and confront Kerafyrm too!

SoD & Tower

As mentioned above, with Crystallos brought to a closure and off our active cycle, we're now dedicating all our time to SoD and Tower progression.

This will cover an occasional revisiting of earlier tier events we've completed in the past to satisfy Spell/Disc Rune demand and fulfill rk3 unlocks.  Runes/Unlocks increase our overall power as a force.  Please take this into consideration when opting in for them, and realise that it's a necessary evil to redo these events at times.

We'll also be returning to pursue our RCC theme progression, and applying adjusted tactics derived from prior attempts and experience.  This theme is important, as it'll unlock other raids in a linear fashion and allow us another avenue of upgrades.

That's all for now!  Hope to see everyone next week at raids!

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