News Archive - August to December - 2008

freelance update!

Since the release of SoD, our turnout numbers have dropped.  This was expected, as there were big changes with this expansion, not just in the form of a gear reset, but with the addition of mercs and a level cap increase.

In the meantime, we're going to hold off on scheduling raids for a few weeks until people catch up a bit with their tasks and levels etc.   Once this happens, the urge to raid and progress for many will return and we can continue our efforts.

My hopes are by January, we'll see numbers turn around.  On nights where numbers look good, I may call a pickup raid via the usual channels, so keep an eye open!

Have fun and see you in game!

Posted by Furro on Wednesday, December 3, 2008

freelance vs bloodmoon keep!

Since the scheduled FC raids didn't seem to motivate the masses, we decided to give BMK - The Fanged Moon raid a run.   Although this wasn't scheduled, we did manage to gather up 30 people Saturday and made two solid attempts on it.

The first attempt, we got Vesthun Wolfpaw down to 50%.  With some adjustments, the 2nd attempt we improved and got him down to 25%.  Nice work those who attended!

The BMK raids are a series, and in order to unlock the next one, we have to complete the first.  With that in mind, I've scheduled BMK1 for this upcoming Friday & Saturday.

As always, feel free to tell your friends & guildies about our upcoming raids!  Unfortunately I don't have access to Fennin Ro's server MoTD!  Therefore, I must resort to zone shouts and the like.   Any good word you're able to spread about our raids within your own channels will aid in our overall success.  Your help is greatly appreciated, as I'm sure those who attend do as well.

Have a great week!  Hope to see everyone this weekend!

Posted by Furro on Monday, November 17, 2008

short update!

We had low numbers this weekend, and as a result couldn't form up Friday or Saturday.  This was most likely due to Halloween and the grind to 85 is a little steep this time around.  I honestly forgot to check what day Halloween landed on this week when I did the scheduling, or I wouldn't have slotted in the raids.  Either way, these things happen and we'll get back on track for next weekend!

Have a great week, and have fun in SoD!

Posted by Furro on Sunday, November 2, 2008

the tolling of dissonant bells defeated!

We continued our efforts in Deathknell this weekend.  Applying our prior DK1 experiences from last weekend, we pulled off our first win.

Friday: ToB Boss - Mad Mary-Anne and DK1 win!

Saturday: Attempts on Vertigo (DK2)

Good progress this weekend.  Defeating DK1 was challenging, given our numbers and other factors.  Our time spent wiping the prior weekend paid off.  The important factor is, we learn from our wipes and make adjustments. 

We made several DK2 attempts on Friday and Saturday.  This is one event where no amount of pure instruction will prepare us.  It requires failures to really get a grasp of it and the area layout.  Coupled with the vertigo effect, it's confusing for anyone who has never done it before.  From our attempts so far, we've made it further each time.

There are several refinements in place for our next run.  In addition, I'll format the Vertigo event and strat page in the PoR DK section before our next raid.  Having this event information available will help those who have and have not experienced it before.

Great work everyone so far.  Thanks again for your patience and understanding that the first few runs will be slower while ironing out little details.

Seeds of Destruction & Level 85

SoD is going live this week.  As a result, there are no raids scheduled for this upcoming weekend (Oct 24-25).   This will allow everyone to settle into SoD and work on their levels etc.

With the level cap being raised, so do our minimum requirements.  Therefore, effective next Freelance raid (Oct 31), you must be level 80 or above to attend our raids.

Have fun in SoD!  Hope to see you on our next raid!

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Posted by Furro on Sunday, October 19, 2008

deathknell, tower of dissonance!

This weekend was our first push into Deathknell.  Even though we didn't fill out the raid, we made some strong attempts on the first event.

Friday: ToB Boss - Mad Mary-Anne and DK1 attempts

Saturday: ToB Boss - Gnarlibramble

On Friday, our main focus was the first event in DK.  We refined our strat with each of our attempts.  Although we didn't pull off a win, we gained valuable information as a result.  I'm confident we can defeat this event, with a couple of tweaks that'll be in place for next weekend.

With turnout slightly lower on Saturday, we decided to kill Gnarlibramble in Theatre of Blood.  It took us two attempts to iron out the CC angles, and pulled of a strong win on the third go.

All in all, our efforts this weekend were time well spent.  Throwing ourselves at these events and refining each time, is part of the fun.  As everyone becomes more familiar with the encounters, it'll be easier.  Without these challenges, our successes would have no feeling of accomplishment.  Your time and patience is greatly appreciated while we learn these new events. 

As always, feel free to pass the word around about our raids to your friends, guildies, and random people you group with!  If you're guilded and there's no content or policy conflict, then your fellow members are more than welcome to attend our raids.  If you do post about our FL raids on your guild boards or motd, please clear it with your guildleader first to avoid any potential drama.  We're not trying to steal members or anything of the sort.  Open raiding is about getting everyone involved and exploring content.  Thanks!

Hope to see everyone next weekend!

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Posted by Furro on Monday, October 12, 2008

weekend review!

Having been three weeks since our last Demiplane run, we went back this weekend.  Our hope was to down Mayong Mistmoore again, however we had some issues on Performer and had to end the night there.

Friday: DP T1 and T2 - Roley, Devlin, Tris with a couple minis.

Saturday: DP T2 - The Performer attempts.

As with most events in Demiplane they rely heavily on emotes and single player reactions, as well as positioning and other factors, The Performer encounter is equally so.  We've defeated this event in the past, with similiar numbers.  Several issues were the cause of our difficulties on Saturday.  However, over the course of three attempts, there were clear improvements.  The final attempt was extremely close.  I'd estimate within only a couple seconds and we would have won. 

What's important to focus on this type of event, is that with each attempt, we made improvements as a raid force overall.  Regardless of the outcome, it's the individual effort to setup hotkeys and follow instructions that makes the difference.


Instead of finishing our 2nd round of gatekeeper kills for fetters, we're going to push ahead into Deathknell.  I've scheduled this weekend to start off, with both days for DK.  As we get familiar with the events, we'll be able to complete it in one sitting. 

For those who have not finished their Divine Fetters of Ro.  Don't worry about it for now.  What's important is that you attend regardless if you have a fetter or not.  Even on the final event, your presence without a fetter is equally important.

As always, spread word to your friends & guildies about our weekly raids.  Direct them to the forums for the schedule and the main site for other details.  Thanks!

Have a great week!   See you next weekend!

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Posted by Furro on Monday, October 06, 2008

weekend update!

We continued our progression efforts, with a repeat win on Suchun for those who missed the flag last weekend.  In addition, we made a couple attempts on Udengar, a gatekeeper event for progress towards Frostcrypt.

Friday: Udengar the Traitor attempts

Saturday: Suchun, Blood Warden of Solusek

TSS - Frostcrypt

The Udengar raid is the first major step for FC progression.  Both of these attempts on Friday provided us with valuable experience.  The main thing here was to expose ourselves to the event, size it up, and refine our tactics.   There are several changes in place now for our next attempt, to make things go smoother.

Following our 2nd attempt on Udengar, we were low on letters of evidence.  So we did a quick Kangur kill to get everyone new ones.  If you were there for this, please hang onto your letter and bring it to our next Udengar raid.

Thanks to everyone who made the effort and contributed their insight for this event.  We're not going to walk over every encounter we throw ourselves at.  The challenge is what makes it fun.

Deathknell Progression

We're very close to entering Deathknell.  We now have two Suchun wins.  This helps cover those who missed the prior win.  We're pushing for one more win on both Daosheen and Sullon Zek before we make our way into DK.  As I've mentioned in the past, these gatekeeper raids are critical to obtain our fetters.  Without fetters, we can't defeat the AR event in DK.  If you're able to attend these raids, even if you're missing a prior gatekeeper raid, it'll help us tremendously.

Divine Fetters of Ro

An issue was raised last night, regarding fetters.  After some investigation, it was discovered that the recent automatic (level based) ToB access flag put in game, does not include the hidden associated task flags.

The significance of this is that, anyone who has not done the old method of ToB access, will not be able to finish their final shard hand-in to receive their Divine Fetters of Ro.

This will most likely only affect a small number of people.  At the time PoR was current, many completed ToB access, or at least portions of it to obtain their class spell.

For those who do not have these tasks completed, I've written up a ToB access section under the PoR - Deathknell area.  It covers the required tasks, chime hand-ins and related details.  You can also reach the page directly by clicking here.

As much as I strive for accurate and complete flagging information, this was an oversight on my part.  On a positive note, the issue was caught soon, by the individuals who spoke up in the FLRaids channel after their hand-ins were not being accepted by the shrine.  Thanks again for bringing this to light.

Hope to see everyone at our next raid!   Take care!

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Posted by Furro on September 28, 2008

suchun & sullon zek defeated!

Continuing our efforts towards Deathknell, we made significant progress this weekend.  Freelance first kills on both Suchun and Sullon Zek!

Friday: Suchun, Blood Warden of Solusek

Saturday: Ghost, Snowtail, and Sullon Zek, Mistress of Rage

Our prior attempts on Suchun, gave us valuable information which helped refine and improve our strategy.  Everyone meshed well on this event, with fast assists, and assigned tanks coming into play as instructed.  With around 35 people in attendance, there was no lack of effort from each person.  Nice work everyone!

The goal Saturday was to make a run for Sullon Zek.  However, before we could get to her, we had to kill both Ghost and Snowtail.  Each time we do these minis, our CC team has been refining the add tactics.  Quick marks from our tanks, combined with adaptive CC, resulted in the adds being handled swiftly on the 2nd attempt and Ghost kill.  Snowtail went down quickly, even with the charm factor.  Great work CC team, and all those who assisted.

Sullon Zek, the Mistress of Rage - Following the minis, we made our way up towards SZ.  After a few minutes of prep, we engaged and wiped at 60%.  A strong first attempt, which revealed key information.

With some group adjustments, we went again.  This time, it all came down to the wire.  With only 33 in attandance, around 40% things started to cascade.  Being so light on healers, and the banish factor with virals, we had to do a burn call just under 40%.  It was risky, but knew that we couldn't sustain a controlled burn with adds and our SZ group was almost all dead.  Once the burn was called, everyone made a mad rush for Sullon Zek discing and glyphing relentlessly!  In the end we pulled off an epic win, with only a handful left standing.  Those who remained succeeded in their efforts to hold off the adds before they despawned. 

Defeating an event in this fashion is a tribute to everyones skill and desire to progress.  It challenges us to push the envelope while working with an ever-changing raid makeup.  Outstanding effort by all those who attended!

Divine Fetters of Ro

To avoid possible confusion, I've changed the link in the PoR section related to the shards.  It's referenced now as: Divine Fetters of Ro.  This won't affect any bookmarked pages that link directly to the shards.html.  I did it this way since there are 100's or possibly 1000's of people that bookmark that link! :P  Ok maybe not.. Anyway!

Keep in mind, the order of these raids does not matter.  So don't worry if you attended Suchun Friday and Sullon Zek Saturday.  It just means that you hang onto your Vial of Smoldering Blood and Glowing Shard of Mana.  When you complete a Daosheen raid with us and the group Vessel flag, you'll be able do your hand-ins.

These are raid style flags, which we'll repeat, so a majority are included.  This way, those who were unable to attend prior will still have the opporunity for a fetter.

Please, send me a tell in game, if you have any questions regarding hails, or hand-ins for shards etc.  We still do group Vessel flagging, mostly following a raid night.  So just hang around, and mention in the channel after our raids.

Have a great week!   See you next weekend!

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Posted by Furro on September 14, 2008

mayong mistmoore dead!

A slightly stronger turnout this weekend enabled us to push through Demiplane and reach Mayong on Saturday.

Thursday: Zi-Thuuli of the Granite Claw

Friday: Completed T1 DP, cleared T2 - Roley, Devlin, Tris

Saturday: Opened with Performer and finished with Mayong Mistmoore kill!

Mayong Mistmoore fell to Freelance this weekend, in an outstanding show of co-ordination and focus!  Payback was definately in order for our failed prior attempts, mostly due to his bugged state.

Special thanks to Thewun, who handled the banes during the event.  In addition, thanks Breniar for his active role in CC and Loot.  There are too many other behind the scene mentions to cover here, however I will say, your efforts greatly appreciated.  Thanks again!

There was no lack of effort from all those who attended.  I'd like to thank everyone for their perseverance and comradery.  To come together in an open raiding fashion and work towards a common goal is something to be proud of.

Congrats Sshiverr, who won the Mayong Mistmoore Title!  Sshiverr the Bloodwise is permanently etched into his Iksar skin for all to see.  A title of this nature, from an epic event is displayed with pride.  It shows appreciation and respect to all those who helped make it happen.

Our Direction

With the MM script fixed, we can put Demiplane back in our rotation.  However, to help avoid stagnation, we will still push forward with our progression goals.  These goals are currently: PoR and TSS.

On the PoR front, we've made some progress.  I am aware that you do not need flags to enter Deathknell.  The main reason we're doing gatekeeper events, is for the Divine Fetters of Ro.  I just want to be clear, we cannot defeat the Ayonar Ro event inside DK, without fetters.  The mechanic relies on these, think of them as bane weapons like the MM event in DP.

Obtaining fetters is not as harsh as in Demiplane with bane weapons.  Every event we do, flags the entire raid.  That means it breaks down to the following three events: Daosheen, Suchun, Sullon Zek.  These can be done in any order, if you miss one, don't worry, we'll be doing it again alternating the days.  In addition to these three events, a Razorthorn zone access flag is required, which is a simple group flag.  We've been flagging several groups after raids and such over the past few weeks to help people along.

I'm a firm believer in linear progression.  To skip over DK, we would miss out on valuable content and power gains.  DK is nothing like DP.  There is no trash clearing, only 4 events.  It's doable in one sitting.  That means we could bang out DK one night, and work on TSS the next.  To get to this point, we need your support.  Attending  gatekeeper events for fetters is extremely important.  We're very close to defeating these encounters.  With your dedication and support, I'm confident we will succeed.

TSS - We've made some ground here, with the initial Kangur and Kellak raids complete.  Udengar is our next event for FC progression.  FC is a fun diversion that will offer us challenges and the associated rewards that come with it.

As always, pass the word to your friends, guildies and others you meet about our Freelance raids!

Hope to see everyone next weekend!  Take care!

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Posted by Furro on September 14, 2008

week review!

With lower then normal turnouts this week, we tried our best to make attempts on events when numbers allowed.

Monday: SZ instance flagging (Enraged Flesh Charm)

Thursday: Kangur

Friday: Suchun attempt

Saturday: Ghost attempt (15% or so!  with 28 people!)

The Vessel flagging we did early in the week was meant to help those who couldn't otherwise finish the flag.  We flagged a group as a result, and therefore it was time well spent.  The best way seems to be after raids for these types of flags, and that's mainly how we've been handling it.  If you're still after the flag, just keep an eye open after we finish up a raid, I'll usually ask in channel if anyone is missing the Vessel flag, and we can do a run (it's a quick task).

The Suchun raid on Friday, was a decent attempt considering our odd low numbers for that night.  From a positive angle, we did expose newcomers to the event, and they'll be better prepared for it next time.

Since the earlier raid during the week to kill Ghost/Snow didn't materialize, we had to start with them Saturday.  We almost pulled off a win on Ghost.  Wiping at under 15%.  I'm certain many busted out the Vet AA and Glyphs on that run.  Outstanding effort by everyone!

To all those who were able to attend, thanks!  Sometimes it takes a little longer to muster up the numbers to do something.  Your patience is greatly appreciated.  Any assistance with tells to friends or /guildchat to advertise helps us make it happen.

Mayong Mistmoore!

As a result of the patch on Wednesday, Sept 3rd, Mayong Mistmoore's DT has been fixed!  His previous bugged state, severely hampered our efforts to defeat him.  In order to seek some revenge, I've scheduled in Demiplane for this upcoming week.

Following the pattern a few weeks earlier, it'll be best if we reach MM on the Friday.  To accomplish this, some earlier raid nights are required to clear T1 and partially T2.  If you're able to attend on Wed, Thurs in addition to the Friday, that'll be a tremendous help towards our goal.

If you're looking at the schedule, you'll notice I have Saturday as Demiplane also.  For whatever reason, if we don't clear DP Friday, we'll continue the Saturday.  If we do clear it, there are some TSS or PoR raids we can do to help our progression down those lines.

Hope to see everyone on our next raid!  Take care!

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Posted by Furro on September 7, 2008

This weeks update!

Continuing with our progression, this week we did the following:

Wednesday: Ghost & Snowtail (PoR)

Thursday: Kangur & Kellak (TSS)

Friday: Daosheen attempt (PoR)

Saturday: Suchun attempts (PoR)

Although we didn't drop Daosheen on Friday, we made a good showing.  The wipe at 10% was unexpected, and we'll try and figure out the issues that caused it.  We've proven ourselves on this encounter once already.  I'm confident we can repeat our past success.

On Saturday, we made three attempts on Suchun.  Just as Friday was a low turnout, Saturdays numbers were no different.  I suspect this was due to the holiday long weekend.  But we made the best of it.  With each Suchun attempt, we adjusted and made solid improvements.  Clearly we are capable of completing this event, with some minor tweaks.  We'll make the adjustments for next weekend, and return to exact some revenge!

As always, please try and set up your audio triggers for the PoR related events that you attend.  All the phrases and other event information is available in the PoR - Deathknell section.  I'm a firm believer in having our Event & Strat information available, so everyone can come into our raids with a solid understanding of the mechanics and how their class role comes into play during the event.  If able, please feel free take advantage of this information before you attend, and familiarize yourself with it.

Following each raid on Friday and Saturday, to make good use of our time, we farmed skins and ran three groups through Become the Vessel task.  This helps us in DK, as without the Vessel task completed, a person cannot obtain their Divine Fetter of Ro.  On Monday & Tuesday, to assist further in this regard, I'm making some time available in the evening to continue farming skins and do vessel task runs to flag those who need.  If you're available and need this flag, or just want to attend and help  out, you're more then welcome to come along.  Thanks.

We had a good week overall, covered some new ground and gained valuable insight into the encounters.  Thanks everyone for hanging in for the Suchun attempts, your time is greatly appreciated, and helps us tremendously to refine our tactics.

Nice work everyone, hope to see you at raids this week!

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Posted by Furro on August 31, 2008

the firstborn scrykin down!

With our altered schedule this week, we dropped the following encounters:

Wednesday: Demiplane T1 - ZiT and Sisters

Thursday: Demiplane T1 - Hatchet

Friday: DP T1 - Redfang,  T2 - Devlin, Tris, Roley, Performer, and attempt on MM.

Saturday: Daosheen the Firstborn (Freelance first! - PoR Progression)

This weeks raid schedule is posted in the events section on our forums.

PoR Progression:

Starting off our official push into PoR on Saturday, we killed Daosheen the Firstborn in an epic battle!  Outstanding work everyone, including our crystal click team!

PoR progression related info is now available under the Events & Strats section.  If possible, please try and review this material, and complete the steps as we progress.

The purpose of these raids is not just to experience the content, but to obtain our  Divine Fetters of Ro.  Without these, we cannot defeat Ayonae Ro in Deathknell.  Think of it as banes in DP, but easier to acquire.  As we do each of these events, everyone is able to complete a step towards their fetter.  No worries for those who missed the Daosheen raid on Saturday.  We'll be repeating this event next Friday, among other things.

It's important on all these raids you attend, to carry your Shard of Mana with you.   Certain events alter your shard, or require actions to alter it with it on your person.  Having it in your bank will not work.

For all those who don't have the initial Shard of Mana, it takes 2 minutes to obtain, being only a zone away from PoK.  It's merely hails to a NPC in Freeport.  All this information, including the locs are available in the PoR section.  I tried to write it up in a no hassle format.

Demiplane Situation:

The DT mechanic during the Mayong Mistmoore event is broken (bugged).  I read about this on the SoE forums on Tuesday, but kept the scheduling in for MM on Friday anyway.  The thinking here was, we could still possibly defeat MM if we got lucky and had enough high damage bane clickers (wizards/mages).  This would have allowed us to drop MM fast after the 50% mark.  It turned out we didn't, and we only got MM down to around 37% or so before the wipe.

According to Nedrom, who inquired to a Developer and received a response, the script has been corrected.  However, Nedrom was given no ETA when the correction would go live.  This is secondhand info, from the Mayong in DP thread on the SoE forums.

I can only hope, that it'll pass whatever QC is required quickly, and patched live within a timely fashion.

Until the MM event is fixed, and working as intended, we will not be doing any further attempts on him.  The reasoning is, we cannot gamble that we will have enough key banes each week, to consistantly drop this encouter in it's bugged state.

When this event is fixed, we will return and seek our revenge on Mayong.  We have the event down to a science, and had it been working properly, I'm certain we would have defeated him on our earlier attempts.  It's a great script, and worth returning to at a later time for completeness of the expansion.

In the meantime, our focus is now going to be PoR and TSS progression.

Hope to see everyone on our next raid!  Take care!

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Posted by Furro on August 23, 2008

adjusting our momentum!

Friday: Cleared Demiplane T1 and T2 - Roley and Devlin.

Saturday:  Continued with Demiplane T2 - Tris, Performer wins, and finished up with an attempt on MM.

Good clearing this weekend.  Thanks to everyone who attended.

Our Direction

Having farmed Demiplane now for over 5 months, we have the events down to a science.  We're getting close to finishing up this expansion, with only Mayong Mistmoore standing in our way!

Over the past three or so weeks, we've made a few attempts on Mayong.  Those runs were invaluable in helping us refine our strats and familiarize everyone with different aspects of the event.

Mayong is a fun epic encounter.  It ties together aspects of other events in the zone, all into a single fight.  In conjunction with these conditions, is a heavy reliance on banes from the very start of the event.  Having banes is important, but moreso since all banes are not equal, and are tied to specific mob types, having the correct mix of class banes is critical.

Factored into this MM situation is that, due to us starting our Demiplane clears on a Friday, we end up reaching Mayong on Saturday.  Our class makeup, banes and numbers are often quite different on Saturdays.  This results in sometimes less then optimal setups, which in turn makes Mayong more difficult.

When we clear Demiplane on Friday, we often do Tier 1, then break into Tier 2 killing  Roley, Devlin and sometimes Tris.  Due to how banes are paired up and each T2 event only hands out these to specific class pairs, it's a limiting factor for us.  This comes into play, because of our nature of open raiding, we have no set roster.  So for example, those who are able to attend Friday nights, obtain a bane but may never make Saturday raids, and so their bane is never an asset to us.  My hope was that, by farming enough we'd get lucky and have the right number of banes and mix to allow us to be effective consistantly on Saturdays against MM.  This is proving to not be the case.

The solution I feel is we must reach Mayong on Friday, to utilize all those banes from our active regulars that are able to attend that evening.  In order to accomplish this goal, we have to attempt DP earlier in the week.  If we can partially clear Tier 1, it'll allow us a jump start come Friday and push onward to Mayong that night.

Changing lockout timers takes some adjustment.  At the moment, since we're locked out of Demiplane until Wednesday morning, I've scheduled it for that night, regular start time.  Also, since we havn't done weekday raids in a while, we have to see what days our numbers are the strongest.  That's why I've scheduled Thursday night also for Demiplane.  I realise many of our Freelancers are in guilds, and raid during the week.  I'm not asking you to skip your guild raids or anything for Freelance.  If you have the time to help us during the week, that'd be greatly appreciated.  To assist us further, passing the word along to your friends, guildies and others who maybe are never able to make a weekend raid, these days might interest them.

Progression Perspective:

Our current secondary objective for progression is PoR - Deathknell, with a mix of TSS - Frostcrypt.  As we've done in the past, we will pursue our secondary objectives concurrently with our primary ones.  Just before we entered Demiplane, we mixed in  targets within PoR and TSS.  Some of these encounters were related to progression.   Picking up where we left off, we're now going to actively shift our focus back to PoR/TSS.   To accommodate this progression, I've adjusted our schedule on Saturday, and slotted in Daosheen the Firstborn.  This is a PoR progression related raid event.

Freelance as a whole:

Everyones regular attendance, experience, skills and positive efforts, contribute greatly to the strides we've made in progression so far.  Lets continue our momentum.  Spread the word about Freelance, help others experience what we have, by welcoming them to join in on our adventures.

I hope to see everyone on our next raid!

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Posted by Furro on August 17, 2008

almost there!

Friday: Cleared Demiplane T1, T2 - Roley and Devlin.

Saturday: Opened with Tris kill, then Performer.

We continued our efforts on Mayong, even with below 40 in the raid, and around 25 banes, we got Mayong down to 45-47% before wiping.

The DT on this event is our bottleneck at this point.  Although we know how this particular DT mechanic works, past methods are not resulting in the DT avoiding the MT.  We're not alone in this regard, as other guilds on Fennin have been having the same issues.  We do know however, that a few weeks ago the MT was spared from the DT, we just have to iron out what factors caused it to work then and repeat them. 

Aside from the DT aspect, we're strong on all other facets this event throws at us.  Considering our low numbers last night, we did extremely well.  Each time we do this event, we become more familiar with it, and stronger as a result.

Great job overall everyone who attended!  Hope to see you next weekend!

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Posted by Furro on August 10, 2008

mayong's time is running out!

Another great run in Demiplane this weekend!  We cleared all the way up to Mayong and continued to refine our tactics on him.  We're improving!  With some minor bane adjustments and careful attention to the DT, I believe we can beat this encounter soon!

Thanks again all those who attended, nice work everyone!

Website Revamp

You may have noticed, I revamped the site.  The purpose for these changes is to help acclimate newcomers to the way we do things, and provide reference points for our regulars.  I wrote up some pages which cover Freelance related information and general raid topics.  Additionally, I added a much needed Events & Strats section.

Basically, every area of the site was changed in some form or another.  This includes the screenshots section, which our Freelance photographer Breniar will maintain.

All in all, I think the changes are for the better.  I hope everyone enjoys them.  If you find any typo's or broken links, please let me know.  Thanks!

Have a great week, hope to see everyone on raids next weekend!

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News Archived - June to July.

Posted by Furro on August 4, 2008