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With some excitement in our steps (and pie in our bellies), we looked forward to the closing act of the last three expansions in the Heart of Fear.  As we drew the curtain open on Scene 1 we encountered the shadowy Glimpse, a shifty figure that left us wondering if he was a Halfling in life before he became a shade.  Joining him on the side stages were: “Hello, Darkness my old friend,” with apologies to Simon and Garfunkel; “Ulrich the Endless,” which is what that event becomes if you don’t understand the mechanics; and the “Monarch Widow,” which true to her name could get ugly and deadly real fast.

Scene 2 was no picnic, much to Dimbly’s dismay.  There’s no other way to describe this raid other than chaotic.  Split the raid into groups, each mob type with a different mechanic, dogs and cats living together, mass hysteria!  But once we understood how the event worked, it’s over in 10 minutes.  Well, it’s over in 15 minutes win or lose, but we prefer win.

And then the final scene of the last three years was upon us, and the questions surrounding old Mr. Poop Pile (Cazic Thule) and Sam Napth were finally answered.  Certainly Heart of Fear III was no Sepulcher V – then again, what could be? – but the whole story was wrapped up quite nicely.  All I can say is, you should never trust a Halfling. Pies for everyone, right!  Oh wait, no, Halflings don’t share.  (See what I mean?)

And BAM!  Another expansion is in the books for the Freelance Raid team.  The next expansion is just around the corner, and we’ll begin anew on our quest to solve the challenges SoE’s developers put before us.  What are you waiting for?  There could not be a better time to join one of the most exciting, fun, and successful open raid teams in Everquest.  Jump in, join flraids:raids, and get on the team.  And don't forget to bring pies.

Posted by Ssark on Sunday, October 06, 2013

Luclin and the Godslayer

More dps.  Less dps.  Move the fight here.  Kill a slave.  Switch tanks.  "Win the crowd and you will win your freedom."  We almost thought Proximo was in the tunnel before we tackled Chelsith.  Once again, Freelance played Sony's game of Simon Says, this time with a crowd of shissar directing the action.  T3's Champions of the People features an old style Arena smackdown, with Freelance putting the hurt on Vyzh`dra the Godslayer in the end.  And wouldn't you know, but Furro was the fan favorite again?  Some of us think the fix is on.

After that encounter, we ventured over to the Plane of Shadows to confront Luclin, who seemed very concerned we'd be walking off with Cazic shards.  Armed with high-heel boots, a wicked smile and ample, uh, assets, Luclin's not exactly the easiest mark - in fact, she's downright mean.  Nevertheless, we still convinced her that Freelance has what it takes to see this through to the end.

And to the end we go.  The Heart of Fear awaits...

Posted by Ssark on Saturday, August 31, 2013


What a ride the Rain of Fear expansion has been for Freelance.   By early April, we had cleared out Tier 1, with our first win over Zeixshi-Kar in East Wastes coming on 4/6/2013.  Turning our attention to Tier 2, we breezed pretty quickly through Grelleth, Evantil and Velishan (despite SoE's attempts to bungle up the cold-casting penalties) to help us gear up and get flags for Xorbb.  We were the Feast for Zalikor a few nights until we mastered his breath weapon, then added him to the farm.  Chapterhouse was the last of them to have Fallen, and unless you're on your game it'll still wipe ya, but it was a fine test of special mechanics for Freelance.

That accomplished, it was time for our halfling leader's favorite little Rivervalesque war zone, The Valley of King Xorbb.  Oh, how we've learn to curse the names of Findlewill and Mordaur, and on more than one occasion "I want that damn brownie dead NOW, or I'm strangling it with my own little hobbit hands!" could be heard in the DPS channel.   Yymp the Infernal provided a bit of respite for the Freelance Raiders, as long as we learned not to use fire (Curmugly: "You'll be verrrry sorrrrry.")  The Return of King Xorbb brings you face to face... err, eye to eye... with the great beholder himself.  Without a doubt, this raid is a test for any raid force, and everyone has to be on their game and focused to poke out his eye, but we've now done it twice.  And with that, the original Rain of Fear expansion is complete!

Join us as we venture into the Shadows of Fear's two raids in Chelsith Reborn and the Plane of Shadows.  Like us, if you hear the call of gladiators and of the mistress of the Moon, /join flraids:raids and see what all the fuss is about.  We still backflag on occasion, and carry pigs all the time, so ensure you meet our simple requirements and come on out.

Posted by Ssark on Monday, June 17, 2013

VoA expansion completed!

Freelance Raiders are focused, dedicated, and skilled at what they do.  No event has tested us more than The Triune God (Sepulcher 5), the final event of the Veil of Alaris expansion.  Its three stages might as well be three raids; even polished, it's a good ninety minutes.  It requires a high level of play from every raider on the team to win -- and win we have.  Not just once -- that could be a fluke -- but twice we have downed The Triune God.  I can say without exception this is my proudest moment as a Freelance Raider, to accomplish what few before have, and to do it on such a committed, hard working team makes it all the sweeter.

Freelance raiders, this event was the culmination of an entire body of work, from the first attempt at Argath, through the farms of Sarith and Valley, and over the really mind-blowing events like Rubak Oseka and Pillars of Alra.  The long nights spent working on Resplendent Temple and City of Bronze were all worth it.  We have come to the Veil of Alaris, and we have defeated it.

Posted by Ssark on Sunday, Mar 22, 2013

Freelance celebrates 2/2 with a Double Dip!

It's been on the docket for a while... Unearthing Alra.  First you split the raid 3-4 ways.  Then deal with crazy mechanics like mez and charm kill, 5 emotes, bards heal.  Toss in class modifiers and you get one heck of a crazy raid.  But we've conquered it, downed the Pillars of Alra, and only one thing between us and Sepulcher now... Ryken in Windsong.

But that's not all.  We turned around the next evening and headed to Crystal Caverns for a meeting with a stinky Coldain named Danela.  Dynamite droppin' Ry'gorr orcs and boulders crashing down aside, Danela fall down, go boom.  Two big wins in two different expansions on two nights on 2/2.  Freelance is rockin'.

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Posted by Ssark on Sunday, Feb 3, 2013

king tormax's insomnia cured!

Poor King Tormax.  Some filthy jerks brought him a purple fear crystal for Christmas, and all he dreams about is a stinky Dain and frosty Yelinak.  Freelance to the rescue!  Noble Helssen promised us pie if we could snap the king out of it, and so we did.  Booyah!  Now two Rain of Fear events down.  Watch out Danela, you're next!

We also continue to backflag /gear up folks for our Veil of Alaris Sepulcher run.  It's only a matter of time before Pillars, Windsong and Sepulcher are ours.  Come join the Freelance Team and see what open raid teamwork is all about!

Posted by Ssark on Sunday, Jan 20, 2013