News Archive - august to november - 2007

weekend update!

We had close to a full raid for Vishimtar on Friday.  Although the new levels help with this event, it's still very easy to wipe due to the mechanics involved.  We had a few issues on the first go, but ironed them out for the win on the 2nd.  Again, as more people get familiar with the event, it'll be smoother.  The drops and tier pieces are still in demand, so we'll continue farming it.

After Vishimtar, we lacked some key classes to give Sendaii a go.  I've swapped the days on Sendaii / Vish for Saturday this upcoming week instead.  Just like in the past, swapping these around helps those who can't always attend on a Friday or vice versa.  Additionally, we may get a better turnout of the classes we need for Sendaii on the Saturday, worth trying to see.

We did CoA and Tacvi Saturday night.  This was the first time in a while we doubled up those 2 zones for one sitting.  CoA went great, we had good numbers.  Tacvi, it dropped down to about 30, but we went ahead anyway and cleared the entire zone.   Tunat with 34 people, and then went back and did Mordl with 26-27.  I'd thought Tunat with 30 would be the highlight of the evening, but the Mordl fight was where everyone really came together to pull it off.  Great work all!

I haven't been doing much in terms of raids during the week.  This gives people (including myself) time to explore and do tasks in SoF.  After a few weeks or so, people will be caught up with what they wanted to do in SoF and weekday pickup raids can resume.

To those who havn't bought SoF yet, I'd highly recommend it.  It's a great expansion so far.  Besides the obvious benefits of level 80 + AA, there are tons of quests, good camps for drops and challenging areas to explore / xp in.   Just my two coppers worth on it.

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Posted by Furro on November 26, 2007

short update!

We had a lower then normal turnout on Friday for Vishimtar.  I attribute this to the release of SoF and everyone leveling / exploring.   We made 3 strong attempts on Vish, but we just couldn't get it together that night (it happens!), so following those attempts, we called it.  

Tacvi was cancelled Saturday because I suspected we'd have similiar numbers as Friday. 

I was reluctant to schedule raids this weekend due to the expansion, but it was worth a shot to see how many would turn out.

The plan is to go ahead with raids for next weekend.

Raids will be posted sometime today, or Monday.

Posted by Furro on November 18, 2007

Level up, aa up!

I expect everyone to be level 80 by Friday!  No pressure! :)

Keeping the update short.

Friday we did Vishimtar and cleared Tacvi.

Saturday: CoA.  44% on OMM, nice job on mask clicking this time around.  Major improvement.  The positioning change worked alot better on the 2nd attempt, so we'll stick with that from now on.

I've scheduled our regular raids for next Friday / Saturday.  I wanted to keep it simple and from there, the following week start in on DP progression (Blood Raids).  By that time most people will be close to or level 80 and settled into SoF.

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Posted by Furro on November 04, 2007

Secrets of faydwer - releases November 13!

With SOF almost here, I just wanted to send out a friendly reminder that Freelance is raising the minimum level to attend our raids to 75.  This will be effective when SoF goes live.  Just as the 70 minimum was enforced, so will be the new range.  

I suspect most people will be working on banking their 30 aa's this week and capping off their level xp in preparation for the release.   I'd still like to keep our regular schedule of Friday & Saturday for raids even as SoF is released if numbers allow.

Just to give everyone an idea of what's ahead:  Following SoF release - We'll continue to schedule Tacvi and CoA raids, but most likely condense them down to an evening for both raids and go from weekly to bi-weekly and then monthly as the demand for the content drops.

With the new level increase, resulting in us being able to do our regular raids in one sitting, it'll open up a night to work on DP progression (Blood raids) and we'll do these weekly until we're in DP.

We will of course continue to farm Vishimtar as demand allows and toss in new targets from TSS and PoR, and possibly SoF if anything is within our grasp

This weeks targets were:

Monday: Oblivion
Friday:  Vishimtar and CoA
Saturday: Tacvi clear

Congrats to all those who won a scale for Tier 5 and to those who won loot! 

Feel free to tell your friends about Freelance raids, direct them to the channel and site for further details.  Thanks!

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Posted by Furro on November 04, 2007

Vishimtar has fallen!

On Friday night, Freelance came together in a great showing of force to kill Vishimtar.  It almost happend on the first attempt, but we wiped at 2%!  Being so close to winning, we couldn't just walk away, so we adjusted a couple tactics and went for the kill on the 2nd attempt.  

This was a Freelance first, and a great milestone overall.  We'd like to farm Vish as much as possible, not only for his loot, but to help the many who are missing his scales to complete their Tier 5 progression.

Congrats to those who won scales and loot!  Thanks all for showing up and giving this event a shot!

Following Vishimtar, we did a full Tacvi clear.

On Saturday, we did our regular CoA clear, with 2 attempts on OMM.  Although we didn't kill OMM, our best attempt that night was 44%.  Our refined strat from our last couple attempts was implemented perfectly. 

The biggest failure for us on this event, is mask clicking.  I can handle clickers who are prepared, with triggers setup, masks equiped, in the proper channel and the failing to click in time.   The problem is, we do great on all the other aspects of this event, and then someone fails the click.  We check the logs, and find out it's a person who wasn't in the masks channel, or in another case the person didn't bother to setup the audio trigger, and we've even had people in past OMM attempts forget they had a mask in their bags.

I'm not singling out anyone, mistakes happen, that's all part of the learning experience.  Just please be aware of the masks importance and for this event, to participate in clicking, we ask that you join the correct channel so we can ensure you're setup properly. We're slowly getting those missed mask clickers setup correctly and keeping classes in key roles off mask duty.   Everytime we do an event, we refine it behind the scenes.  This event is no different, we must realise our mistakes, and fix them the best we can.

OMM is one of the hardest events in game, and requires a perfect setup and execution.  Although we don't attempt OMM every week because of key classes, it is still fun to throw ourselves at a challenging event such as this.  This event isn't about loot, it's about teamwork and pushing your character to the limit. 

Aside from our OMM attempts, congrats to all those who won loot, seals and 2.0 orbs!  Thanks again to all those who showed up and those who were able to stay for 2 OMM attempts.

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Posted by Furro on October 28, 2007

Monthly Backflagging done!

Since we didn't finish up the backflagging last weekend, we redid all 3 raids last night in addition to a full Tacvi clear afterwards.  Lots of people turned out as usual for the flagging, and in the end I believe we flagged close to 30 people.  Thanks to all who came to help out, and congrats to those who completed their flags. 

Friday we did CoA, but skipped OMM due to lack of enchanters.  I've lined up at least one  enchanter for next weekend, I'll work on a couple more as the week goes on. 

Since we skipped OMM, to finish up the evening we went over and killed Oblivion for a few extra pieces of loot and the quest drop.

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Posted by Furro on October 21, 2007

tacvi backflagging take II - Saturday - oct 20 -

We did some Tacvi backflagging on Friday evening, but didn't complete it all.  So we've re-scheduled it again for next weekend.  Because we always swap the days around, backflagging will land on the Saturday next weekend.   The details are posted on the forums here.

Saturday was our regular CoA raid.  We got off to a strong start with a great turnout, but after KTH the server crashed.  Once we got back online, we all had lockouts for an hour+ so we went and killed Oblivion and Fiddleback in Sunderock to kill some time.

We returned to CoA afterwards and finished up to and including AMV.  However, with it being so late in the evening by that point, our numbers were down enough that we couldn't attempt OMM.  We'll try again for OMM next weekend!

Aside from the server crash and other issues, we did manage to accomplish some flagging this weekend and some fortunate Freelancers received some excellent upgrades.

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Posted by Furro on October 14, 2007

tacvi backflagging this friday - oct 12 -

We're doing our monthly backflagging for Tacvi this upcoming Friday, so I wanted to post it on here to make it well aware to all those missing the flags.  Each week I've had to turn people away because we've had 10 pigs and / or not enough flagged in the raid to get the pigs that attended in.  It's important that we flag these people so they can participate and overall it increases our strength as a raid force.

On the topic of Tacvi, we've been clearing it for a while now.  We've done 14 Tacvi raids, from late June until present day.  That's over 3 months worth of farming.  On the loot side, 337 pieces were accumulated.  That loot total doesn't include rotting pieces, nor does it include the remains quest pieces from each clear.  This is a significant amount of loot, and since our initial start of GoD we can see the gear is being put to good use.

Although the expansion is closing in fast, I still believe it's a viable option to have Tacvi on our farm cycle.  As I've mentioned before, with level 80, we'll be able to clear both Tacvi and CoA in one sitting alot faster then currently.  Additionally, in doing both raids in one night, it'll leave a weekend day open to focus on progression raids.

Tacvi farming will most likely stop, or be pushed to once a month or something down the road at some point.  This will happen when a certain percentage of the drops are rotting and when it's clear the interest has faded for the content.  I suspect after SoF is released, the new group gear will overshadow the need to farm Tacvi as we have been.

Citadel of Anguish state:  I just wanted to give a heads up that I strongly believe we have the force to kill OMM before the expansion releases.  You may have noticed, with each CoA raid now we've been prepping people with mask click mechanics and getting them into the right channel.   It's important that if you're able to setup an audio trigger and are confident in your ability to click the mask when emoted, that you step up and participate in this regard.  I mention this now, because sometimes we have very few mask clickers, and we require a certain number in order to attempt OMM.

Whether we attempt OMM depends on several factors: key encs, tanks, healers and mask clickers.  During the week I try and line up these individuals so we're ready in advance.  

There's a good chance, this upcoming Saturday that we'll attempt OMM again.  Be ready to teach OMM a lesson!

Dragons of Norrath state:  Many people have asked when we're attempting Vishimtar, and I always answer with soon.  Vish is a great encounter, and most say easier than OMM.  Regardless of which is easier, I definately want to kill this dragon.   I'd like to put some attempts in before SoF releases if possible.   I know we've done all the tiers in DoN many times, so from a progression point, people are eager to finish up Tier 5.  From a loot point, Vish has a great table of course that many in Freelance would benefit from.   If you're looking for an exact date when our first Vish attempt will be, I'd say not this weekend, but most likely the next (around the week of Oct 19th). 

We've been skipping DoN for the past few weeks, and it's still something I want to farm.  So just be aware that although it's been slow for DoN lately, that we'll get it back in the cycle.

As for the lower tier DoN progression raids,  very few need these now and if we do any pickup style, it'll be following a Yar`lir raid most likely when numbers die down.  As for scheduled DoN tier raids, our last one was only Sept 12, it hasn't even been a month yet.  Scheduling these too close together results in a low turnout and we don't want to drag regulars through the tiers to only flag 1 or 2 people.

Depths of Darkhollow state:  If you're wondering whether we're still pursuing DP, the answer is yes.   We've taken a few weeks off from Sendaii attempts, and I have no exact date locked down when we'll start these again, it all depends how things pan out over the next couple weeks on some of the above targets.   Our DP progression will take us weeks to finish, as each blood raid has to be done several times to flag en masse.  In combination with the blood raids we'll be doing Vule inbetween, as it's a key part of the flagging process.  Think of this process as similiar to the MPG trials for CoA and the Tacvi preflag raids, but more difficult and challenging.

Prophecy of Ro state:  Lots of great targets and scripted encounters in this expansion.  Some of these we have done already, but it's only the tip of the iceberg really.  Some of our early Freelance raids were in Theatre of Blood for example, which served us well.  Aside from ToB, there's relic dragons, Zomm, Porthio, Rage minis / bosses.  Lots of options here that will open up to use more with the coming of SoF levels and gear.   Some are doable now even, but with our other objectives, it's a time constraint issue to pursue PoR in full force.  Little raids here and there in PoR are great though for a change of pace, and that's most likely how we'll start out here when we're level 80. 

From an end game perspective in PoR, DK can be another avenue of progression once we're in DP and looking for options during these lockouts.

The Serpent's Spine and beyond:  We've done a few targets in TSS over the months, and it's something we're going to continue to do.  Some say the rewards from the targets are not worth doing because they drop only one or two pieces of gear.  But it's not just about the loot.  Sometimes you have to look at the fun factor, and something fresh like a new encounter can rejuvenate the desire to challenge yourself against it. 

Overall view of Freelance:   We're slowly gaining momentum by reaching the goals we have set, and along the way people are having fun.  It's exciting to see people show up to open raids with enthusiasm and positive spirit to help others in a collaborative effort and to witness the results from those individuals who clearly appreciated the support. 

For all the newcomers, we hope you continue to join us and welcome aboard!

To all those who show up regularly, thanks for your continuing support.  The success of these raids help in so many ways, and does a great service to our Fennin Ro community. 

- Furro

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Posted by Furro on October 8, 2007

Short update!

We cleared Tacvi on Friday, and CoA Saturday.  Nice recovery on the early Hanvar pull!

Following CoA, we did Footssis's 2.0.  Congrats on your epic!

Freelance state:

Update: When you're randoming on our raids, make sure you're aware of the rules.  They're clearly stated at the beginning of the raid and posted here.

Update: If you just joined our raid and you're not sure what the current channel is, bring up the raid window pick someone (other then me) and ask them nicely what the channel is.  Don't just up and ask in /rs.

Update: Loot is delegated by 3 people at the moment:  Furro, Suurge and Heeth.  Usually I state at the beginning of the raid who's doing loot.  I'm mentioning this because any inquiries you have regarding loot should be sent via tell or channel to that person doing loot that evening.

Update: Buffs - Please don't ask me for buffs unless I'm the only cleric in the raid.  Always bring up the raid window, pick a person and ask them nicely for the buffs you need.  You'll get a better / quicker response via tell then you will just up and asking for them in channel.  Additionally, when you ask for buffs in channel, you get an overlapping of the same buffs, which wastes peoples mana and time.

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Posted by Furro on September 30, 2007


In an outstanding effort on Friday, we took on OMM and got him 34 percent!   With a few minor strat changes we should be able to get him next time.   Nice work on this attempt everyone!

Inbetween the server crash on Friday during the CoA raid, we had a minor lockout before being able to continue CoA.  We took this opportunity to finish Spayedx's epic 2.0 fight in WoS.  Congrats Spayedx on your 2.0!

In addition, the 2 loot winners who lost their loot on Ture following the server crash received their winnings back via GM intervention.  Congrats.

On Saturday, we finished up Mordl Delt and Tunat in Tacvi.  Afterwards we headed over to RSS for King Gelaqua and Queen Pyrilonis.  These are two fun events and a fresh change from the usual farmage we've been doing.  Although we had a few wipes, in the end we killed them both.   As with any new event we learned a few things about this one and they were noted for next time.

Special thanks to Baello for his valiant CR efforts on these 2 events!  We know now it's not feasible to CR in either of the rooms and we'll lobby and run back if it happens again.

Thanks to all those who attended, and especially everyone who was willing and able to stay until we finished up.  It shows true character those that don't treat death so seriously and realise it takes practice to succeed.  Good job all.

Freelance state:

Update: The plooting incident that happened on Friday during the CoA raid was resolved with GM intervention.  The legit winner received the loot and the plooter has been banned from Freelance raids for life.

Update: This must be the weekend for bannings or stupid people, but we had another incident where someone tried to /random on 2 characters for a single item.  Whether they didn't know or they were trying to pull a fast one is irrelevant.  The person and all her alts are banned from Freelance raids for life.  When you attend our raids, the loot rules are made clear.  If you want further details on them you should read this post here.  There's no exceptions for stupid behavior like this, we won't tolerate it, and you will be banned from our raids for doing it.  The rules are setup as to give everyone a fair chance at loot over that evening, follow them and you'll have no issue with an angry halfling.

Update:  On a lighter note, we're slowly assigning key raid roles to people who show qualities we're looking for.  In addition, we change assist and MT's alot during the raid now, this is to give people a chance to participate and learn key aspects of raiding.  There are some people that shine under pressure, and those are the ones we're looking for.  So watch your tells ladies and be aware we'll probably call on you to step up! hoho the pressure!  :P

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Posted by Furro on September 23, 2007

Secrets of Faydwer fast approaching!

With SoF in beta at the moment, it's really only a little over a month away from being released.  Since they'll be raising the level cap, this will open up new targets to us.   At the same time, we'll be able to clear Tacvi / CoA faster.  Although it's been stated by SoE that there will be huge gear upgrades with this expansion compared to the previous ones, I still feel we should continue our progression path into DP but farm other targets as well.   If SoE holds true to their words that the 500 hp top end group obtainable gear will be very difficult to obtain, then farming DP gear even at level 80 will be helpful towards surviving SoF missions.

DoN progression went well earlier this week.  I'm always surprised how many people are missing these lower tier raids.  I don't think we had any of the tier drops rot, which is great.  If you're missing some of these tiers still, there's a DoN Progression thread on the forums here where you can post which ones you're missing.  This helps me gauge when to do the tier raids for DoN.  Thanks.

Thursdays Tacvi raid was a success.   We cleared the entire zone, and only 1 item rotted.   I think we get alot out of this zone for the little time we invest in it.  We'll definately be keeping it on our cycle.

I didn't schedule a Blood Raid for this upcoming week.  I'm not giving up on these, but I think a little break would be good for the moment, this will give people time to gear up a little more and then we can go back and seek some vengeance!

I have Tacvi scheduled for this upcoming Wednesday, and Friday will our CoA run.  For the opened Saturday, I have King Gelaqua and Queen Pyrilonis posted.  We havn't tried some new targets in a while, and I like doing different things to keep it interesting.

As you may have noticed, I've added a weekly screenshot to the main page.   Breniar is our official raid photographer, so be careful when you AFK, you might be caught in a snap shot! :P  Breniar will update the photo every week, or more if he gets screenshot happy.  You can click on the image to get a full sized version of the action!

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Posted by Furro on September 16, 2007

Tacvi & CoA in one night!

In order to work on some Blood raids Friday, we doubled up the weekly Tacvi and CoA raids for Saturday night.   We successfully cleared both Tacvi and CoA in one sitting.  Great work by all and Congrats on loots.

Earlier in the week we did some DoN and finished up a few more 2.0's.  Congrats on your epics Korlayne, Leeanze and Sinnayr!

Freelance state:

Update:  I don't think we'll double up the Tacvi / CoA raids again.  Although we did both zones in one sitting, it's a long run and I'd rather spread it over 2 nights a week like we normally do.   What I'm trying to do here is free up one of our popular nights for progression related raids such as Blood raids for Demiplane access.   So you may notice the days for certain regular raids changing.   Be sure to check the events section on the forums to be up to speed on these changed days.   Also, idling in freelance helps stay in touch with any unscheduled pickup raids during the week.

Update:  We tried Sendaii the Hive Queen Friday again.  Although we didn't win, we have refined our strat again based on what happened, and I think it was time well spent getting people more familiar with the event.   I'm not discouraged by any of our attempts so far.  The thing to remember here is, of the 5 blood raids, this is the most difficult one.  Additionally, it's one of the most challenging events at our level of the game we're up against, next to OMM and Vish.   Demiplane is worth the deaths, and it'll pay off once we get in there.  We had an amazing turnout for these raids, so it's obvious people are interested in progressing beyond the usual Tacvi / CoA stuff.

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Posted by Furro on September 9, 2007

Overlord Mata Murams time is running out!

On Saturday, we made our first attempts on OMM and it was a great effort by all!  We got him to 67% before things brokedown.  Subsequent attempts didn't pan out any better, but the main thing is for people to get a feel for the event.   The more we attempt this the better.  I'll try and line up 2 enchanters again and a couple other key people for another attempt next weekend possibly. 

On Friday, we did the normal Tacvi clear, and in record time with a full raid.  Having some free time after raids, we went over to try Sendaii the Hive Queen, which is part of DP progression.  We made it to 3rd wave, definately doable with some adjustments and again practice and more practice.   These are the kind of events that people need to do over and over to get the hang of things.  Keep in mind, Sendaii is THE hardest of the 5 raid portions to get into DP, and we did well considering it was our first attempt.

We did some epic 2.0's during the week, big congrats to: Aranon, Cahnahan, Strangiato, Wrymsbane, and thanks for the help on mine!

Freelance state:

Update:  Those of you doing Mirrored Mask clicks for OMM on Saturday, if you havn't setup the audio trigger, make sure you do so.  This is an unforgiving event, and one person missing a mask click = wipe.  It's that simple.  The line keyword line for OMM emote is: You feel a gaze of deadly power focusing on you  When you set this up, make sure whatever sound you tie to it is something that you will not miss.

Update:   We did several 2.0's this past week, and hope to do more.  Remember, these 2.0's help us in overall power, which you may not think does much, but it helps alot.  If you won an Orb at one of our raids recently, get your pre-fights / hails done and post on the forum when you're ready with your final fights.

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Posted by Furro on September 3, 2007

Tacvi Backflagging adventure!

We did our monthly Tacvi backflagging last night.  After Ikkinz 4, Uqua and Inktut'a, we cleared part of Tacvi, including Tunat.  For what was a long night, I think it was worth it overall.   Alot of people got flagged, and congrats on those who won loot!

For future Tacvi backflagging, to curb the downtime, the KT pig situation will be addressed better.  I realise I was pushing the limits of pigs in a 54 setup.  Usually I do 1 less then allowed in case someone goes LD.  It'll definately be this way next time.

There were a couple other issues which slowed us down, and I've taken mental note and we'll fix them for next time.

Aside from a couple of speedbumps, we did pretty good.   We had a great turnout, and when we got to Tacvi later that night, what we did clear was done in normal time.   Thanks for coming everyone, and special thanks to Baello and Korlayne for their CR'ing and resing of those who died.

Sunday: We did Yar`lir, Rikkukin, and then moved into OOW for some 2.0 final fights!

Congrats Haaus, Geosh and Eroan on your 2.0's!

Freelance state:

Update:  We're starting on our progression towards Demiplane.  I've writen up a walkthrough of what we need everyone to have done.  To the right of the screen is the link under "Additional Info" or you can click here and it'll take you to the page.  We'll be starting blood raids soon, so if you have free time, you might want to consider working on the flags now to be up to speed.

Update:  Remember, our minimum level required to raid with us will be increasing when the new expansion comes out.  At that time, it'll be level 75 or above only.   Heed this warning, when the time comes regardless how regularly you attend our raids, if you're not at the minimum level, we cannot invite you.  There's no exceptions to this rule.

Update: EPIC 2.0's.  I'm changing the setup for this.   Instead of scheduling final fights, we'll do them pickup style.  This way when I see someone online that's ready for their final fight, we can set it up right then and get it done, or following a raid.  If you're at your final stage, make sure you post on the forums about it reminding us.  Although I track who has 2.0 orbs, I shouldn't have to follow up with everyone of those people to see if they're ready or not.  Thanks.

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Posted by Furro on August 26, 2007

The farming continues!

Good week overall.  We did Tacvi on Friday (minus one miniboss), and hit up CoA on Saturday. 

Earlier in the week we did some lower tier DoN Progression.  Many people still needed these and so it was time well spent.

Freelance state:

Update: We're due for Tacvi backflagging.   This is evident clearly from Friday's pig attendance.  We had 16 pigs in the channel, resulting in only a handful getting in.

We've had good success with Tacvi so far, especially in drops.  With a little over 8 Tacvi raids, for a total of 180 pieces of loot.

What we're going to do is schedule the backflagging for the same night as Tacvi next week.  This way, we're flagging new people, and not skipping Tacvi for that week.

Make sure if you're needing any of these backflagging pieces that you try your best to attend.  It's scheduled for Saturday, August 25.

Update:  Epic 2.0's.  I realise people hate these from doing them with guilds so much.  However, since Orbs are obtained on our CoA raids, I thought it'd be great to help those people who won with their final fights.  If you want some incentive other than that, there's always 2.0 chest loot at the end of each final fight.  Helping those people finish their 2.0's helps us in the long run. 

I cancelled the 2.0 raid last week, because of lack of numbers basically.  I think this was a combination of 2 things: We didn't have many people with Orbs yet, from having only done CoA once, and of those that had the Orbs, they weren't done prefights to be at the final fight stage.  I'm going to give people a week or so and reschedule the 2.0's and see how the turnout is then.  This will give people time to work on the prefights and we'll have more orbs from the subsequent CoA clearings.

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Posted by Furro on August 19, 2007

Freelance rips up COA!

We went into our first CoA raid with great attendance and performance by all.   Our only slowdown was on Jelvan event, and after the first wipe, we changed our strat and won on the 2nd attempt.  Excellent work by everyone, thanks.

Congrats to all those who won 2.0 orbs, seals and other loot.  

In addition to CoA on Friday, we did our regular Tacvi clearing Saturday with success.   A full raid of 54 clearing Tacvi is always nice to see.  It's obvious the interest is here and people enjoy the events and rewards.

Freelance state:

Update:  SoF expansion is coming in November.  This expansion will be raising the level cap from 75 to 80.  That means we're raising our required level spread to accomodate the changes.  Currently, to attend our raids you need level 70 or above.  On expansion release, our minimum will be level 75.

Update:  Every few weeks are DoN Tier raids, our next one is Tuesday, Aug 14th.   Make sure you familiarize yourself with what tiers you need, and try and attend if you want to progress in this area.

Update:  I started scheduling 2.0 fights for those that won the orb on our CoA raids.  This Wednesday, Aug 15th is the night we'll try and get some done.  Make sure you're up to speed and know which fight you need done, with all the pre-hails / hand-ins done before this time.

Update:  We had a plooting incident on the COA raid, which was resolved with GM actions.  The item in question was taken away from the plooter, and given to the legitmate winner.  The plooter is on our ban list from future raids.   I just wanted to make it clear that we don't let these things slide, and I log everything.   I'm only mentioning here to keep those who were there in the know.

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Posted by Furro on August 12, 2007


In a great show of true open raiding spirit, we gathered for our scheduled MPG trials and started out with the easier ones while we worked on our key classes.   After Corruption, Hatred and Specialization trials were downed in short order, we went into Endurance with payback in mind from coming so close to winning last weekend.

Endurance went smooth at some points but had it's moments of near chaos!  With the battle rezing and DR'ing of 2 of our main CH'ers, while maintaining the CH during this time, to the great work of the offtankers who closed ranks towards our CH team to protect them from adds.  Not to mention, the amazing effort of the DPS and CC groups with the help of the support classes to balance it all out.  

Endurance trial is a good trial in that it brings out the best in everyone, since each class comes into play.  Last night was a perfect example of how people outside of a guild setup can come together and mesh to accomplish a goal.

After Endurance trial, we did Adaptation and Foresight to finish off the night.  So in total, we did all 6 of the MPG trials in on sitting.

Great effort by all those who attended, and special thanks to: Spritee for COTHing, Heeth, Sharran, Skaldine and Chekakoch for CC and MA'ing.   Bubbley and Arthursuen for MT'ing.  Thewun for berserker aura.. even though trolls are ugly.  Healers, Daikan, Twinlet, Dodan and Korlayne.

Earlier in the week, we did DoN as scheduled on the Wednesday.  Completed almost all tiers, minus Guardian of the Sands, and Ju`rek.  Lots of people seem to still need these progression pieces from what I saw, so we'll continue to schedule them every couple weeks.

On Friday, we did our regular Tacvi run.  Everything went smooth up until  Tunat, but it seemed he worked on his defensive AA or recently obtained some gear!  He owned us on the first attempt, then the 2nd attempt we got him down to around 3 percent.  So we called in some extra DPS and taught him a lesson!  Thanks to all those who were able to stay for the duration and finish him off.

Freelance state:

Update: Now that we'vs successfully completed all 6 of the trials (several of which we've done multiple times), we'll be starting weekly CoA raids.  These raids will be posted ahead of time on the forums, so please keep an eye on the board to keep up to date.  Further, always best to idle in the freelance:raids channel to stay in the loop for pickup non-scheduled raids.   Thanks.

Update: With CoA, comes 2.0's.   I think every couple weeks or weekly to start, I'll try and schedule an evening to help those who obtained orbs from our CoA raids complete their 2.0's.

Loot lists have been updated.

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Posted by Furro on August 5, 2007