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continuing progress!

Friday: Cleared T1 Demiplane, and T2 - Roley.

Saturday: Picked up where we left off, T2 Demiplane - Performer, Devlin, Ur-Gorloch, Tris.  Another attempt on Mayong!

A successful run this weekend.  We made it to Mayong in good time on Saturday.  A big improvement on this last attempt, getting him to 40%!   We know the main mistake we made, and the adjustment is in place for next weekend.

Outstanding effort by everyone!   Thanks again for all those who attended.

Have a safe week.  Hope to see everyone next weekend with your banes!

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Posted by Furro on July 27, 2008

progress Update!

Friday: Cleared T1 Demiplane, and T2 - Roley.

Saturday: T2 Demiplane - Devlin, Tris and Performer.  Attempt on Mayong!

We had a good run this weekend.   It's been several weeks of farming banes, and getting both tiers down to make an attempt at Mayong.

The first attempt that evening was short. Some minor issues and repops from the hallway interfered a few minutes after engage.  We adjusted and went for the 2nd attempt and did much better.  We managed to kill all the guards and got Mayong down to around 67% before wiping.

We'll do some fine tuning for next weekend and improve.  Considering we only had 40 some people in the raid, and under 25 banes, we did amazing really.  Great effort overall by all those who attended!  Thanks everyone who helped, and for being patient during the prep.

Have a great week!

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Posted by Furro on July 20, 2008

weekend Update!

Friday: Cleared T1 Demiplane, T2 - Roley and Devlin to end the night.

Saturday: Killed T2 DP - Ur-Gorloch and Tris.

We made two solid attempts on Performer.  The first run, we were shy of a win by only a couple minutes.  The 2nd attempt was perfect basically, but for some odd reason, the event never ended and we wiped with 22+ minutes on the clock.  Even though the spiders in the tunnels below us were accidently agro'd, we don't think that was tied into the event failing to stop.  Regardless of the outcome, everyone did an amazing job.   Thanks to all those who were able to stay for it!

Sunday: We didn't have the numbers for the scheduled Living Legacy Raids, so they were called off.  I'm guessing most people were busy in the revamped Lguk and doing their own thing.   It's all good, sometimes we just don't get the showing, it's the nature of open raiding.

Hope to see everyone next weekend.  Have a great week!

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Posted by Furro on July 13, 2008

Quick Update!

Due to the July 4th holiday in the U.S.  We had a lower than normal turnout this weekend.  Working with what we had, we dropped a few events in Demiplane:

Friday: ZiT, Maggot, Sisters and Swirling Bloodspirit.

Saturday:  Hatchet the Torturer!

Sunday:  With around 20 people, we formed up and gave the Living Lagacy #4 raid a shot.  We got the boss down to 63% before wiping.  It'd be interesting to see how we'd do with a full raid.  Regardless, we made our showing and received an abacus.  All 4 of these raids should be available for next Sunday.  We can redo this one then and possibly the others to better our prior scores.

Have a safe weekend!

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Posted by Furro on July 6, 2008

weekend update!

Friday: Cleared T1 Demiplane - ZiT, Redfang, Sisters and Hatchet.

Saturday:  T2 Demiplane - Devlin, Tris and Roley.   Due to a strange Swirling Bloodspirit train during Roley, we wiped mid event and had to lobby it.  We recleared back up to the ballroom and defeated the event.  Having lost some numbers by this time, we pushed ahead to get some Performer practice in for newcomers.  We did two attempts on Performer before calling it a night. 

The Performer practice was time well spent.  We exposed alot of new people to the event, and helped them iron out their hotkeys so they can be more effective next time.   Thanks everyone for being patient and helping those who were not familiar with the event mechanics.

Thanks also for those who were able to stay after the Roley mishap.  I realise CR'ing from lobby and running back is no treat.  It takes a strong collective mindset and perseverance to push forward when faced with failures.  I commend everyone for their strength of will to succeed on these events, and we're stronger as a result.

Sunday:  We formed up for Living Legacy raid #3 - Sacrifice at Sandkeep.  Although we only had about 36 people in attendance, we made a showing and three attempts.  The final run was our best and we did manage to kill a couple mobs! :P  It's all fun though, and hopefully when this raid is available in the final week of the series, we can try it again and improve.  Thanks all for for showing up, and hang on to your Brass Clockwork Abacus for whatever reward is given out in a few weeks!

Hope to see everyone on the weekend.  Have a great week!

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Posted by Furro on June 29, 2008

Short update!

Friday: Cleared T1 Demiplane

Saturday:  T2 Demiplane - Devlin, Tris and Roley.  We were only 4 minutes short of a win on Performer, but great attempt nonetheless!  Our numbers dropped just below the threshold for a second attempt, so we called it a night.

We're getting closer to MM each weekend.  I'm confident we can push harder on Fridays and get T1 and a good portion of T2 down, leaving us more time on Saturday to finish up the rest. 

We had an outstanding showing on Friday, a full raid with several people idling for spots.   Lots of newcomers attending, which is great!  Keep passing the word around, and hopefully we'll get some spillover on Saturday as well.

Sunday: IRA2 raid was a success.  We completed 3 waves within the hour timeframe!  Nice work everyone.  A few hours prior to IRA2 raid, we did some AE blocker hand-in's for a small group of slackers!  Thanks those who showed up to help.

Have a great week, hope to see everyone on Friday!

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Posted by Furro on June 22, 2008

Weekend update!

Friday: Cleared T1 Demiplane and T2 Roley.

Saturday:  A slight delay due to some issues getting our instance.  After that was resolved, we cleared up and did Devlin, Tris and Performer.  Our numbers had dropped off a bit below what we wanted for a run at MM, so we finished up the night after Performer.

Sunday:  We gave the Legacy Promotional I.R.A raid a run.  We completed 4 waves!  Wiped on the 5th wave by only 2%!   Nice work everyone!  Those who attended, hang on to your Silver Clockwork Abacus, as it tracks your progress.  In a few weeks, once the results for all the legacy raids have been tabulated by SoE across all the servers, a scaling item will be rewarded to players based on their relative performance in the raid.  The IRA event is just 1 of 4 different raids, one raid is released each week.  Info can be found here.

Overall a good weekend.  Farming DP for bane weapons is key at this point.  We can't beat MM without them.  If our bane numbers are good, we'll make a push for MM next weekend.  As always, from this point on, bring your bane weapons with you to DP please.

We have some new faces showing up to our raids lately.  We want to extend all the help we can to make them feel welcome and acclimate them to Demiplane and our ways.  I just want to say thanks to everyone for taking time to help people and making them feel welcome.  Your efforts are appreciated by myself and those receiving the help.

On a related topic, newcomers are not always setup with proper emotes and hotkeys for certain events in Demiplane.  At the moment, this site doesn't have clear links to our strats and event overviews.  So someone new, would have to reach the events section and then view the post and replies to reach the links.  I'm aware of this issue, and it's a project I'm working on to try and make these links more easily accessible to everyone, especially first time visitors.  In the interim, I'm working on a spokesperson on our raids who will do reminders, as we clear through Demiplane, about required hotkey/emotes  that are needed for the next event.  By doing pre-event reminders, a new person can be helped prior to reaching the event prep area.  This will then enable them to focus on our /rs instructions for the event, and not have to scramble and worry about setting up the required hotkeys/emotes.

Newcomers are always welcome on our raids.   Our main goal in Freelance is to expose people to progression and higher tiers of raiding.  We will adapt and try to make things as easy as possible.   We want people to walk away from our raids feeling positive, and from what I've seen so far, we've been succeeding.  Let's continue our success and keep spreading the word about our raids.  Seek out others you meet in your travels, and extend them an invite to join us!

Thanks everyone, and good job this weekend!

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Posted by Furro on June 15, 2008

Baiting the master!

Friday: Continuing our farming of T1 and T2.  We cleared T1, then T2 - Roley, Devlin, and Tris.  Outstanding work everyone!

Saturday: Opened with a solid Performer win, and made our first attempts on Mayong Mistmoore!  Although we didn't have enough bane weapons yet, both attempts tonight were time well spent.  The main goal here was to size up the event and expose everyone to it.  As we increase our bane weapons, we'll improve.  Amazing effort everyone!  Thanks again for being patient while we sorted out some details prior to and between attempts. 

The MM event is epic, just as clearing up to his room has a running gauntlet feel to it, fighting up a spiral tower, killing his minions along the way.  This event is no let down, and something we hope others join us and experience.

Amazing job everyone this weekend.  We're continuing to progress at a good pace.
As always, feel free to spread the word about Freelance raids, and our adventures in Demiplane!

Have a great week!  Hope to see you on the weekend!

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Posted by Furro on June 8, 2008