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Days: Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday

Time: 8pm EST, 7pm CST, 5pm PST

vertigo - Event & Strat

This is a four stage event, that involves dealing with Bats, Traps, Undead and Orcs.  Prior stages continue to be active as the next stage starts.  Throughout the encounter, random people will be hit with a Vertigo spell, that if not cured makes you drunk.  To further try and trip us up, random individuals  switch places with one another. 

This is a difficult event, not so much in terms of the mobs requiring brute force, but depends on key classes, an understanding of the area layout and how to deal with each mob type/mechanic.

Event Area Effect

1) Throughout the event, random players will be hit with Vertigo.  This is a 2k DoT, curse counter.  If not cured, the person becomes drunk.

Vertigo Trigger

CURE: Priest types use RGC or RC AA lines.   RANGERS use: Potameid Balm / Potameid Salve

Note: Those with Vertigo will show visually with a falling animation (ie, arms and legs waving around).

2) Another random effect to deal with is that people will switch places with each other.  This means you'll have to always be aware where you are and how to get back to your assigned area.

audio trigger

This trigger is mandatory.  You only have 30 seconds to be cured.  Although you may think the drunk effect is harmless, it's not.  It will severly hamper your efforts to move around safely, and therefore become a detriment to the raid as a result.

Use the pattern below to pickup when you're hit with Vertigo

Pattern: You feel as if you are going to lose your balance!

Action: Get cured using Remove Greater Curse or Rangers use: Potameid Balm / Potameid Salve

stage breakdown

Below explains each stage, what mobs and mechanics are present and how to deal with them.  Remember, prior stages remain active as the next stage starts.  Each stage has a reference that corresponds with the mob type or mechanic.


A Truefaith batkeeper will be in the first room down the ramp (level 1).   He will summon bats, one at a time.  These are not KOS.   We need to kill 20 bats within 5 minutes.   The threshold drops as the event continues.

Simply assist MA here, and kill bats fast.  If the MA is switched (which will happen), we have a secondary MA setup to step in.


A Truefaith sneak will be in the 2nd room (level 2 - East Chamber).  He spawns traps, one at a time which must be detected and disarmed by ONLY Rogues or Bards with appropriate skill levels.  We need 20 traps disarmed within 5 minutes.  The threshold drops as the event continues.

Important: Tripping a trap, results in Lacerating Spikes (root +13k dmg/dot).  If you run in and trip a trap, you will die and there's a high chance we'll fail that stage of the event due to lack of successful disarms.

Be aware:  The trap room is one level down from Bats.  That means, if you are switched with someone in the Bat area, you must move smartly and avoid going through the Trap area.  This isn't difficult if you're going down, since you can simply drop off one platform to land on the level below and avoid the room.  Just remember, never drop off from a ramp, or you'll fall to your death.  Stay on a flat area, near a wall, then step off and you'll always land safely one level down.  Going up is the big issue, for those who are assigned to the Bat area, and get switched with someone below.  That means they have to move back UP and go through the trap room.  Due to our random raid makeup, we don't always have mages to CoTH people back to the Bat area.  Therefore, we'll give instructions to the Bat groups on a per raid basis depending on the mage situation.


This area is in the northern section, (level 3).  Undead mobs spawn which have to be dealt with in a special way.

There are two types of undead here:

a focus of the Collective (skeleton model)
a member of the Collective (zombie model)

Important:  We must keep the zombies mezzed, and never have more then 3 unmezzed at any given time.  This is where assisting MA is extremely important.  Also, never let a zombie run out of his room, or it'll dispell all the other mobs in the area (Balance of the Nameless)


Forth level down (west chamber), deep orc servants will spawn.  These are special orcs, which must be "exhausted" as part of the event mechanic.  We will OT these orcs until they emote and fall down.


Groups will be assigned by their numbers in the raid window to a specific area.  All you have to do is be aware of where your area is, and how to get back to it when you're switched with someone.  Assist the MA in your area, and always ask if you don't understand what to do.

important info - please read!

Couple things to note here, that will help us tremendously.

When you get hit with Vertigo, get cured ASAP.  RGC cures the Vertigo, prior to it triggering.  That means, if you're not cured, and the trigger fires, you'll be drunk.  At this point, we can't cure you using RGC or anything.  That's why you need to get cured BEFORE it fires.  Being drunk makes it extremely difficult to move around, and you'll have a high risk of falling off a ramp when required to move back to your area. 

To help pickup when you have Vertigo, setup the above audio trigger.  If you're able to cure, a visual cue others have Vertigo is a falling animation.  Just cure on sight anyone who appears this way.  Have your group members ask for cures in group right away.  If raid makeup allows, I spread the curers out to have one in each group, more if we have surplus.