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theatre of blood - access flag

This area details ToB access and related tasks.   Although everyone is given ToB access automatically once they reach a certain level, the old method for flagging is required to complete your Divine Fetters of Ro.

Flag process - Brief overview

This covers the tasks required to flag you for Theatre of Blood.  Details of each task are listed further below.

Skylance Tasks:

The Library
The Oubliette
The Laboratory

North Ro Tasks:

Key to the Past
The Burning Prince
Message from the Past

Devastation Tasks:

Become the Vessel
Samples of Corruption

chime hand-ins

This is a reference section.  The tasks above can be done in any order.  However, the hails/chime hand-ins cannot. 

1) Hail Arch Mage Galsin and follow his dialog.  He's located in a tent in Arcstone near the ZI (loc -180, 1465).

2) Turn in Tarnished Chime to Spirit of Ao the Fourthborn and receive a Harmonic Chime

3) Turn in Harmonic Chime to Arch Mage Galsin and receive Silent Harmonic Chime

4) Turn in Silent Harmonic Chime to Oathmir the Outcast in Devastiation, and receive Twisted Chime

5) Turn in Twisted Chime to Arch Mage Galsin and receive Twisted Chime (same name, different item ID).

6) Turn in Twisted Chime to Queen Tak`Yaliz, and receive Twisted Harmonic Chime (no click version).

7) Turn in Twisted Harmonic Chime to Arch Mage Galsin, and receive the final Twisted Harmonic Chime (click version ports you to ToB zone)

Skylance tasks

Task NPC: Spirit of Ao the Fourth Born
Location: Arcstone, near the portal entrance to Relic zone
Keyword: group

Note: Have the taskleader do the looting and hailing for the related tasks.  Avoids issues.

Inside Skylance instance, near ZI, there's a NPC which you can talk to and he'll direct you with his drake which portal to enter.

The Library

Objective: Obtain a book (Codex)

Simple task.  Once you're inside the Library area, kill the pathing kos mobs.

Taskleader drop down into the middle area (indifferent mobs down there), and talk to the sympathetic student for task update.

Now you need to retrieve the two codex halves.   This is done by killing Assistant Gareth and Venorin located on the platforms above.  Make sure the same person loots both halves.

Go to the remaining platform, and turn in the halves to The Head Librarian.  He'll give you the Codex in return.  Hand in the Codex to Spirit of Ao the Fourth Born (mission giver, in Arcstone), to complete the mission.

The Oubliette

Objective: Recover the Egg of Tallongast

Another easy task.  Back to Skylance instance.

In the Oubliette area, there are three little areas, each contains a cluster of eggs.  Simply kill the eggs, it'll spawn a mob.  Repeat this over and over until you get the task updating saying you found the egg.

Taskleader, head back and hail the Spirit of Ao The Forth Born, to complete the mission.

The Laboratory

Objective: hatch the egg.

This is an emote style mission.  But it's very easy to do, with the correct emotes to actions information.

In the Laboratory area, stay on the table, so you don't agro the three mobs pathing around the upper area.

You must respond correctly to 8 emotes, by clicking the corresponding equipment located around the upper area of the room.  This should be done really by one person (preferrably an FD class, so they can avoid the pathers).

For every correct click, a mob spawns (just have the group in middle kill them if they agro).

Failure to match the emote correctly, results in a zombie add to spawn and resets your emote progress back to zero.

Once all 8 emotes are done, the egg in the middle will hatch the named: Tallongast the Discarded.  Kill him to complete the mission.

Below is the emotes to match with the correct objects/panels.  Using cardinals, four directions, each area has two clickable objects or panels.  The ones closest to the middle are referenced below as "close", and the other as "far".  Key words from the emotes are used, for quick reference.

NECROTIC - North far

TRANS-INJECTOR - North close


GOO - East close

DISPENSER - South far


DISTILL - West far

GAZE-O-RAMA - West close

Clicker Note:  If you click too fast, you'll get a message indicating the equipement is not ready or some such.  Just wait a few seconds and try again.

Chime Note: Once the mission is complete, you'll receieve your tarnished chime on hand or inventory.  If you didn't receive it, and have the prior two missions complete, go talk to the mission giver and he'll give you a new tarnished chime.

North Ro tasks

Task NPC: Tak`Valnakor
Location: North Ro

The Root of Ro - Key to the Past

Keyword: Ancient city
Objective: Collect 5 tablets

Easy crawl mission.   Head to Takish-Hiz, find and speak to Krylin in a building in the SW of the zone.   Talking to Krylin spawns a new instance in the cave, northern section of the zone.

Crawl up killing as you go and have the taskleader collect the tablets.  You'll easily get 4 tablets as you progress to the top.  The last one is on the named.  Once you have all 5, return to Tak'Valnakor to complete the task.

Takish-Hiz - The Burning Prince

Keyword: rest

Find Queen Tak`Yaliz, in the SE section of North Ro.  Go through her dialog to get ported into the instanced Takish-Hiz. 

Inside the instance, find and kill the five priests.   The first three are at the top of the towers.  The last two are inside the main building.  This is another simple crawl / kill mission.

Takish-Hiz - Message from the Past

Keyword: visit her

Find Queen Tak`Yaliz again, have the taskleader talk to her to receive her crown.  She asks you recover three other items: Takish-Hiz Royal Scepter, Jewel Encrusted Wand, and A Corrupted Priest Signet.

Below are the locations of each of these, inside the instanced Takish-Hiz:

Takish-Hiz Royal Scepter - Chest located in the building at: 100 by -960

Jewel Encrusted Wand - Chest located in the building at:  260 by -460

A Corrupted Priest Signet - Main building to the west.  Kill High Priest Kelshar and loot it from his corpse

Note: For the Scepter and Wand, you can just have someone train the mobs away, then have the taskleader run up and open/loot the chest.

Once you have all three pieces, from inside Takish-Hiz, zone into Elddar Forest and find Maryn Tak`Yaliz and give her the items to complete the task.

devastation tasks

Task NPC: Oathmir the Outcast

Become the Vessel

This mission and related prerequisites are covered under the "General Info" menu, "Skins" link.  Or click here to take you there.

Samples of Corruption

Available to anyone who has their "Enraged Flesh Charm" (aka, if you've done Become the Vessel task and talked to Maelin).

Keyword: I can find out

You'll need a bag slot free, as Oathmir gives you a box to combine the blood vials in.

This is a simple kill and collect mission.  Head into the Razorthorn instance (same one we use for Ghost/Snow/SZ).  Kill mobs until you have the 10 blood vials.  Combine them in the box, then turn in the combined box to Oathmir to complete the mission.