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prophecy of Ro - flag requirements

Freelance is very much about completing progression as it was originally intended.  Defeating gatekeeper mobs and events/quests to unlock content is rewarding.  By going this route, it helps us as a raid force hone our skills and gain valuable experience in the process.  This in turn makes us that much stronger as we enter into new areas.

Even though the flag restrictions to enter Deathknell have been removed in the game recently, they are still required to defeat the final boss of the expansion.  This is due to a mechanic in the Ayonae Ro event in Deathknell that calls into play your flag (Divine Fetters of Ro).  So in other words, to beat AR, we need the fetters.  Fetters are a result of the flagging process.

flag process - Brief overview (updated)

Below is a rundown of the route we're taking to obtain our Divine Fetters of Ro.  Between each stage, there are minor hails or actions that are required to alter your Shard.

  • Obtain Shard of Mana (NPC hail)
  • Complete Group Task: Become the Vessel (Group Flag)
  • Kill Daosheen the Fireborn (Hidden Flag)
  • NPC hail (Shrine of Druzzil)
  • Kill Sullon Zek (Alters Shard)
  • Kill Suchun (Alters Shard)
  • Theatre of Blood Access (old method required - see below)
  • Hand in Shard(s) to Shrine of Druzzil - Receive Divine Fetters of Ro


In order to complete your Divine Fetter of Ro, you MUST have done the Theatre of Blood access tasks.  When SoE opened up  ToB to everyone, and handed out the AA flag, they did not include hidden flags.  This is why some people are having issues handing in their Black Shard of Mana to complete their Divine Fetters of Ro.   I suspect this will only affect a small number of people, as most have probably done ToB access when or around the time PoR was recent content.

ToB access can be done at any stage.   Details are available off any of the PoR pages, under "General Info" menu, "Theatre of Blood Access" link.  Or you can click here to reach the page.

important info - please read!

Please try and carry your Shard of Mana with you when we raid any of the targets listed above.  Additionally, try and complete the group task Become the Vessel and related ToB access tasks as soon as possible.  Getting together with fellow Freelancers to get it done is even better, as it helps everyone.