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Days: Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday

Time: 8pm EST, 7pm CST, 5pm PST

suchun, the blood warden - event & strat

boss information

Mob Name: Suchun, Blood Warden of Solusek

Hits:  6000

Abilities: Single Target Rampage


Cazic Touch
Clutch of Suchun
Doom of the Blood Protector
Portal Flux
Touch of Suchun

special mobs

There are two special case mobs, which activate during the event.

Mob Name: Blaze
Blazing Tears (4k DMG)

Mob Name: Char
AE: Charring Touch (Stats Reduction)

Important Note: Both Blaze and Char memblur themselves every 60 seconds.

additional mobs

Various mobs spawn from the portals during this event.  These are listed below, all level 73, sorted by mezzable/unmezzable.  The unmezzable mobs listed come into play if the portal is not destroyed by a certain amount of time.

Mob Types

a flame mephit, Flame Mephit
an efreeti noble, Efreeti Noble

a sun guardian, Sun Guardian
Fire Elementals
an ash gargoyle, Ash Gargoyle


a torrid elemental, Torrid Elemental
Dervish (flying rocks)

event overview

Before Suchun and his two guardians Blaze and Char come into play, we must destroy five portals that activate and deal with the adds they spawn in the process.

If a portal is not killed fast enough, a fake named will spawn which must be dealt with.

After all of the portals are destroyed, Blaze and Char spawn.

Once Blaze and Char are killed, Suchun becomes active and resurrects them both.

The portals and related adds begin to spawn again.

Killing Suchun, Blaze and Char results in the task updating for completion.

portal information

Below shows weaknesses of each portal and related adds.  The portal number represents the order in which they spawn.

Portal Number
Weapon Type
Spell Base
Mob Type
Fire Elemental

Note: Summoned nuke spell lines work also on these portals.

suchun AE & related mechanic

Although Suchun is untargetable, during the event he casts a PB AE 400' range 1000  mana/endurance drain called Clutch of Suchun.

If anyone's mana and/or endurance fall below the following thresholds, they will result in a banishment or DT.

Mana/Endurance below 50% = Banishment to the nearby lava.

Mana/Endruance below 20% = DT'd with a chance to survive only if you click your "Wand of Centering" within 6 seconds (1 tick).

Wand of Centering's drop from the portal trash adds and faked named.  They have three charges, with a recast delay of 100 seconds.

Important: In addition to his AE drain listed above, Suchun also does Single Target:  Touch of Suchun, a 2000 mana/endurance drain.

suchun dt mechanic

When Suchun is active, he does an Zonewide unresistable AE Hatelist DT over time: Doom of the Blood Protector

It must be cured within 30 seconds (5 ticks) or the person is DT'd (Doom of the Blood Protector Trigger)

It's curse counters 25.  So a single RGC cast will cure it.

The emote for audio trigger purposes is: fire courses through your veins

Important Note:  Adjust your previous trigger that was shown here.  There is a typo in game for this particular emote, in that it has a double space where there shouldn't be one.  So in game it's actually: A  fire courses through your veins  <- notice the double space  between A and fire.  This is why the original trigger I had here was not working on our first Suchun raid.  For simplicity, use the one shown above in brown color, it'll work now.   I removed the A and double spaces, so it's less confusing.


For the initial portal killing and adds, watch /rs for their weaknesses and assist MA.

Once the portals are down, we will DPS Blaze and Char to 50% each.  Then balance them down, killing both at the same time.

Suchun takes a damage hit from the death of both Blaze and Char.  He'll activate at this point with his HPs at around 60-80%.

At this stage, we will full burn Suchun down before he rez's both Blaze and Char back.

important info - please read!

Melee: Bandolier your weapon types, so you can fast switch.

Caster DPS: Depending on your class, mem Cold, Magic and Fire damage spells.

DT Audio Trigger - Use the phrase A fire courses through your veins and set up an audio trigger.