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Days: Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday

Time: 8pm EST, 7pm CST, 5pm PST

sullon zek, mistress of rage - event & strat page

    Mob Name: Sullon Zek, Mistress of Rage
    Hits:  4500
    Abilities: Single Target Rampages
    Sullon's Ferocity
    Sullon's Plague
    Sullon's Vengeance:
    Sullon's Wrath:

additional mobs

Shown below are various mobs spawn/active during this event:

Mob Name: a raging beholder
Abilities: Flurries, Single Target Rampages

Note: unmezzable and unsnareable  (enchanters try new SoF mez please and report back)

Mob Name: a raging orcish archer
Abilities: DD's people that enter Sullon Zek's room

event overview 

During the event, waves of adds spawn in the hallway leading to her room.  4 adds spawn per wave, every 12% starting from 87%

So adds spawn around: 75%, 63%, 51%, 39%, 27%, 15%, 3% (approximately).

Every 3 minutes, she will AE Sullon's Plague.

Every 90 seconds, she casts one of the following on 4-6 random people on her hatelist:

Sullon's Ferocity
Sullon's Vengeance
Sullon's Wrath

These are viral AE's.  That means, after 10 seconds, those who have been infected by any of the above three spells will AE the same effect on all those around them.

audio triggers

Please take a couple minutes and set up the following audio triggers below.  These AE's are viral (spread to anyone near you), which is why you need to run to the insolation area the moment you are infected.  You only have 10 seconds to move, and with the triggers set up, it helps cut your response time down.

Below shows each trigger phrase, and the associated audio trigger.

> CLICK HERE < for the ZIP Archive of all the audio files listed below.

Watch the trailing whitespace when copying your trigger phrases.  Join a channel and test them by typing out the phrase to see if it works.

Note: If you're not sure how to setup an audio trigger, refer to this page here.

Trigger Phrase

audio File

You have succumbed to the ferocity of Sullon Zek


You have fallen victim to Sullon Zek's vengeance


Your knees tremble from the wrath of Sullon Zek


You fall under the curse of Sullon Zek



We're doing a controlled burn of SZ, to prevent us from becoming overwhelmed from adds.

Specific groups will be assigned for DPS only on Sullon, and called on/off in /rs when adds are spawned.

This will allow the assigned Add CC/DPS groups to assist MA in their area and kill the adds.

Assigned Add CC/DPS groups will never go near Sullon, or do any action which gets on her hatelist.  This is critical.

Please have your audio triggers set up and working for all four AE's.

We'll designate an area where you will run to when infected by the AE.

important info - please read!

Due to these AE's being viral.  They have the potential to cripple us in short order and cause a wipe.  This is why it's important that you set up the audio triggers shown above.

Add CC/DPS Groups: Please never attack SZ or even go near her.  You must remain off her hatelist.  Your primary goal is to assist MA on killing the adds as fast as possible, using whatever discs at your disposal.

SZ DPS groups:  When you are infected, you must move to the quarantine area ASAP.  If you fail to do so, you will spread the AE to everyone near SZ, effectively wiping us.