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shard information

This page explains each shard and how it relates to the flagging process.  In addition, the required hails, keywords and location information is also covered.


In order to complete your Divine Fetter of Ro, you MUST have done the Theatre of Blood access tasks.  When SoE opened up  ToB to everyone, and handed out the AA flag, they did not include hidden flags.  This is why some people are having issues handing in their Black Shard of Mana to complete their Divine Fetters of Ro.   I suspect this will only affect a small number of people, as most have probably done ToB access when or around the time PoR was recent content.

ToB access can be done at any stage.   Details are available off any of the PoR pages, under the "General Info" menu, "Theatre of Blood Access" link.  Or you can click here to reach the page.

shards - overview

Below is a list of all the relevant shards.  Be aware, some items act as shard placeholders, to acocunt for those missing the required shard at the time the event was completed.   This system is in place as a failsafe, and simply requires an extra hand in later on to get the person back on track towards their fetter.

shard of mana

This is the initial shard.  It's obtained by simply hailing the Emissary of Druzzil, located in West Freeport.  Just before you enter Arcstone, beside the portal at loc: -160 by -970.

Below are the keywords and related lore:

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  • You say, 'Hail, Emissary of Druzzil'
    • Emissary of Druzzil says 'Greetings Soandso. I was sent by my mistress to search out those Norrathians that would have the power to assist her. You look as though you may be able to with stand some of the forces of my home. Perhaps you would be interested in accepting her [proposition]?'

  • You say, 'What proposition?'
    • Emissary of Druzzil says 'Druzzil Ro is seeking the most powerful of this realm to assist her in a rather troubling disturbance. If you are [interested] though, you will need to speak with her yourself. I am unable to say more on the subject.'

  • You say, 'I am interested.'
    • Emissary of Druzzil says 'Take this crystal with you when you speak with Druzzil. It will show you have spoken with me and she will tell you more of this disturbance. I must warn you though, only those that have proven capable of enduring the work of Druzzil will be allowed to speak with her. Once you enter the Plane of Magic, seek out Apprentice Mage Sarcrynn. He will be able to direct you further.'

glowing shard of mana

This your shard of mana, but altered after defeating Sullon Zek in Razorthorn.  With Sullon dead, the trapdoor in her chamber leads to a ward.  Standing on it with your Shard of Mana causes it to alter into the Glowing Shard of Mana.

You cannot hand in your Glowing Shard of Mana to the Shrine of Druzzil Ro, until you have the following steps complete.  The order of completion doesn't matter:

  • Kill Daosheen (raid)
  • Speak to the Shrine of Druzzil Ro
  • Complete group task: Become the Vessel

Shard Hand-in

Below are the keywords and related lore once you are ready for the hand-in to the Shrine of Druzzil Ro:

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  • You say, 'Hail, Shrine of Druzzil Ro'
    • Shrine of Druzzil Ro says 'There is a change in the crystal you carry. Place it on the shrine so that I may examine it.'

  • Give the Glowing Shard of Mana to the Shrine of Druzzil Ro
    • Shrine of Druzzil Ro says 'So you were successful. I'm glad my faith in you was not misplaced. Give me a moment to examine the ward.'

    • You receive a Red Shard of Mana.

    • [Note: Remaining lore is covered under the Red Shard of Mana section]

Red shard of mana

Once you have your Red Shard of Mana, you can speak with the Shrine of Druzzil Ro.  The shrine is located in Arcstone at loc: -350 by -610.

Below are the keywords and related lore at this stage:

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  • You say, 'Hail, Shrine of Druzzil Ro'
    • Shrine of Druzzil Ro says 'This ward appears to be ideal for my needs. I have made the necessary changes to the enchantment contained in the shard. Also contained in the shard is a drop of my own blood. As you may have gathered by now, there is more to these [troubles] than I have revealed.'

  • You say, 'What troubles?'
    • Shrine of Druzzil Ro says 'As I said when we spoke earlier, there has been a disruption in an aspect of divine magic. Unfortunately things are worse than that statement imply. The disruption of magic is in truth the corruption of my daughter, Ayonae Ro, by that vile fiend Mayong [Mistmoore].'

  • You say, 'What of Mistmoore?'
    • Shrine of Druzzil Ro says 'It was only recently that Mayong achieved his goals of ascension. Since then his shadow has been weaving through the fabric of the planes and pantheon, causing dissension and corruption where there was none before. Because Mayong was never meant to be a god, he has no plane of his own. In his arrogance he claimed the domain of my daughter, Ayonae. After he forced his way into her plane things only got [worse].'

  • You say, 'How are things worse?'
    • Shrine of Druzzil Ro says 'Just by his presence there, he began to corrupt the very essence of the plane. Ayonae fought with him for a time, but was soon driven mad by the corruption. Since then Mayong has bent the plane to his will and closed it off to all. I can only guess at the state of things there now. It is for these reasons that I have sought, and continue to ask for, your [help]. For if Mayong can corrupt my daughter and take her home, we can assume he won't simply stop there. I have seen a dark future and we need your help to prevent it.'

  • You say, 'I will continue to help'
    • Shrine of Druzzil Ro says 'My greatest concern is for the safety of my daughter. To that end I have put you on the path of this ward. Close though the ward is to completion there is still one part missing. The blood of Solusek Ro. There is one place on Norrath that you may be able to obtain a sample of his blood. You see it is the presence of his blood that created and maintains the dryness and sands of the Desert of Ro. That desert was not always as it is now. There was once a great [forest] there where the first elves lived.'

  • You say, 'What forest?'
    • Shrine of Druzzil Ro says 'You would know it as the Elddar Forest. The elves living there were the first creations of Tunare in Norrath who created fantastic thriving cities and villages in perfect harmony with the forest. Solusek Ro bacame jealous of these creations and sought to destroy them. In the heart of the great tree in the middle of the Takish-Hiz empire was a wondrous shrine to Tunare. It was there that he placed an insidious [poison].'

  • You say, 'How did he poison the tree?'
    • Shrine of Druzzil Ro says 'Solusek used his own blood to create the downfall of Takish-Hiz. His blood scorched the land and gradually drew all water and life from it. The rivers ran dry, it rained less each year, and while the great elven druids fought long and hard, using their powerful magic to combat the blight, they could only delay the inevitable. Slowly the forest gave way to desert, and eventually even great Takish-Hiz crumbled and the elves were forced to flee or be consumed by the sand themselves. Even today you can still find the [ruins] of their civilization.'

  • You say, 'I will seek the ruins'
    • Shrine of Druzzil Ro says 'The great city of Takish-Hiz has left behind many of its structures, though they have been diminished by time. The greate tree touched by Solusek can still be found by those who know where to look. I would ask that you find this tree and obtain a sample of the blood within in order to complete the ward. Be wary though, there is a [guardian] protecting the chamber from all who would enter.'

  • You say, 'Who is this guardian?'
    • Shrine of Druzzil Ro says 'This creature was created from fire and Solusek's blood. It has guarded the chamber through the ages and is likely to be of unusual power. Caution should guide your hand in this, but should you find a way to defeat the guardian, and obtain a sample of the blood there, return to me and I shall finish the enchantment.'

black shard of mana & vial of smoldering blood

Your Red Shard of Mana alters once you defeat Suchun, the Blood Warden.  The result is either a Black Shard of Mana, or Vial of Smoldering Blood.  You will only receive the Vial of Smoldering Blood, if you have not yet killed Sullon Zek.


Black Shard of Mana is handed into the Shrine of Druzzil Ro, to receive your Divine Fetters of Ro.

Vial of Smoldering Blood + Red Shard of Mana is handed into the Shrine of Druzzil Ro, to receive your Black Shard of Mana.  Then hand in the Black Shard of Mana to receive your Divine Fetters of Ro.

Below are the keywords and related lore at this stage:

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  • Give the Black Shard of Mana to the Shrine of Druzzil Ro
    • Shrine of Druzzil Ro says 'The ward is almost complete. With the addition of the blood you have obtained I can finish the ward itself. All that is left is to put the ward to use. You must find a way to my daughter and use this artifact in her presence. I can only hope once she is safe we will be able to stop Mayong.'

      Shrine of Druzzil Ro says 'I'm afraid you are on your own in gaining access to Ayonae's home. As I mentioned earlier, Mayong has closed the plane off to all. There must still be a way to enter though. Should you find such a way you will want to speak with those that live there, they may be able to assist you more than I could.'