Raid Schedule

Days: Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday

Time: 8pm EST, 7pm CST, 5pm PST

The Toiling of Dissonance Bells - Event & Strat

    Mob Names:

    North Deathknell Watcher
    South Deathknell Watcher
    East Deathknell Watcher
    West Deathknell Watcher

    Hits:  3700

    Abilities: AE Rampage

additional mobs

Various Truefaith trash mobs spawn during this event.  These are listed below and are level 69-73.

a Truefaith follower - level 69, charmable
a Truefaith minion
a Truefaith soldier
a Truefaith zealot

special mobs

Further into the event, each Deathknell Enforcer (4 total, one in each wing), become active.  Details below:

Hit: 1500 - 4500
DT mark, 5 people at a time.

Important Note: These are just like gargoyles in Demiplane.  They cast the same DT mark, and require RGC to cure.  Those with the mark appear as a gargoyle.

event overview

In the middle of the room hangs a bell.  From the center of this bell, there are four areas (or wings): North, South, East and West.  Each wing contains a  respective Deathknell Watcher and Enforcer.

The entire event centers around the concept of preventing the Watchers from reaching the bell and ringing it.  In order to do this, they must each be damaged a certain amount, within the interval before they move again.

If a Watcher reaches the bell, everyone will be hit with Cacophony of Pain (15k AE/dot).

During this time, various adds will spawn that must be dealt with.

After a set amount of time, the Watchers go inactive, and all four Deathknell Enforcers (1 per wing), become active and must be killed.

Reaching this stage, and defeating the Enforcers, results in completion of the event.


Groups will be assigned to each wing, with their own MA.

We'll adjust groups on the fly, to keep pace for areas that fall behind on DPS or other issues.

Assist MA in your area and kill the adds as they spawn.