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skins information

This page contains information relevant to the group task Become the Vessel, and all related sub-tasks.

skins - overview

The group task Become the Vessel has two prerequisite solo tasks: Saga Skins and Preparing Your New Skins.  The solo tasks result in Enraged Flesh armor pieces, which are used in the group task.  However, only ONE person in the group task needs to have the these armor pieces to successfully complete the task.

From a raid progression standpoint, the purpose of completing the group task, is to obtain the flag for Razorthorn.  This flag is required for completion of the Divine Fetters of Ro.  Be aware, the flag is not required to zone into a Razorthorn instance.  Therefore, you can still attend a Sullon Zek raid (which is inside RZ) without having completed the group task.

From a non-raid standpoint, a side bonus to completing the Saga skins solo task is you will receive a spell/disc which is specifc to your class.   Although there are other solo tasks which result in the same spell/disc, they are not relevant to this writeup.

Task: saga skins

This is the first skins task.  It starts automatically, upon looting any of the nine different skins that it requires.  Each skin drops from a different mob type.  The mobs can be found in various PoR zones:

The Devastation
Sverag, Stronghold of Rage
Razorthorn, Tower of Sullon Zek (instance)

Below is a list of all the skins, related mob types and translations received on hand-in of each skin.

Skin Collection:

Simply collect the nine skins listed above by killing the related mobs for the drops.

Skin Hand-ins:

Once you have th nine skins collected.  Each is handed in to the Grand Librarian Maelin, located at the top floor of the library in PoK.  Maelin will give you each skin back and the corresponding translation pages listed above.

Note: Don't destroy these skins, they are needed later!

Combines & Hand-ins:

The next stage in the task asks you to create a two books of lore using a book binding and all nine pages.  The result of the combines are: Saga Skin Translations - vol. 1 and Saga Skin Translations - vol. 2.  Hand both these books in to Maelin in PoK to complete the task.  Maelin will automatically assign you the next task (Preparing Your New Skins).

Reference note: A book binding is a container, that can be vendor purchased from various NPCs all over.

Below is a list of zones and related vendors.  Clicking the list, then a zone will reveal the vendor information.

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  • Book Binding Vendor List
    • Ak'Anon
      • a clockwork tailor @ 761, 146, -26, (Tailoring Supplies), near waterfall at entrance

    • Cabilis East
      • Klok Stitch @ 128, -9, 3

    • Crescent Reach
      • Researcher Kakra @ -1439, -1493, -87

    • East Freeport
      • Sissin Tanner @ -307, 73, 5, in Leather and Hide

    • Erudin
      • Valani Gadriek @ -1376, -252, 35

    • Gukta (in Rathe Mountains)
      • Zok Gleeup @ -1791, -143, 0

    • Halas
      • Jac MacGrove @ 198, 407, 5, in The Golden Torc
        Rosin MacGrove @ 164, 406, 5, The Golden Torc

    • Kelethin (in Greater Faydark)
      • Merchant Gaeadin @ -114, -131, 79, platform #15 on the map located here

    • Neriak - Commons
      • Garren D`Vek @ -4, -996, -38, Inside The Dashing Form

    • Neriak - Foreign Quarter
      • Javen Ta'Vos @ 175, -173, 4

    • North Qeynos
      • Nerissa Clothspinner @ -11, -5, 3, (roaming vendor, but will return to this location)

    • Northern Felwithe
      • Chenori Berinal @ -13, -260, -12, Downstairs in Paladin Guild

    • Paineel
      • Winnla Crestus @ 944, 689, -66

    • Plane of Knowledge
      • Sansus Rasumus @ -302.32, 732.91

    • Rivervale
      • Meeka Diggs @ -18, -243, 3, Beside Fool's Gold

    • Shar Vahl
      • Lyjak @ 340, 99, -189, Tent merchant outside middle (barracks) building in North Quarter
        Jala @ 307, -375, -162, Upstairs inside middle northern building in Merchant's Quarter

Task: preparing your new skins

This is the second skins task.  It's assigned automatically, upon completion of the previous task (Saga Skins).  This is another collection task, but also involves handing in certain skins (which you kept!) from the previous Saga Skins task.

The items you collect in this task can all be found in the same zones as the skins.  Unlike the skins however, they are not mob specifc, which means any mob can drop them.

The task is fairly straight forward.  Once you have the items, hand them in to Maelin.  For each skin hand in that Maelin requests, he will give you an Enraged Flesh piece of armor in return.  Keep this armor!  As it's used in the group task: Become the Vessel.

Note:  Once you complete this task, the next group task is automatically assigned.  No worries, if you're not in a group or you drop this group task, you can request it again by simply talking to Maelin and using the keywords: Become the Vessel.

group Task: become the vessel

This is the final task, which flags an entire group once completed.  As mentioned earlier, only one person in the group task needs to have the armor pieces to successfully request/complete this task.

Initial Sit Stage:

This task involves equiping the armor from the previous task, and sitting at a specific location in Sverag, the Stronghold of Rage zone.  The person sitting wearing the armor will get emoted, and after approximately 5 minutes, the task will update.  Any interruption, mob agro, standing up, will cause a reset, and you'll have to sit again and start the timer over.

The general area to sit is at loc: +80, +5.  Below is a section of the zone to give you an idea where the location is.

Kill Stage:

Simply kill 60 mobs.  Any mobs in the zone work, including named.

Final Sit Stage:

Once the kill session is complete, the task updates the person sits near the RZ instance door with the armor on and waits for the rage to overcome them again.  The person is judged (emoted) and the task updates again.

Using the above section diagram, sit up near the entrance to RZ.


Take the armor back to Maelin in PoK to complete the task.

You will receive an Enraged Flesh Charm, which is the key to Razorthorn, Tower of Sullon Zek.