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Time: 8pm EST, 7pm CST, 5pm PST

daosheen the firstborn - event & strat

    Mob Name: Daosheen the Firstborn
    Hits:  5000
AE Rampages

    Plague of Mana
    Presence of the Firstborn
    Curse of the Firstborn
    Smothering Dismay
    Runes of Alliance (charm)
    Aura of Stone (mez)
    Doom of the Firstborn (DT over time)
    Crystal Feedback

    Note: Not rooted, or tethered.

additional mobs

These mezzable adds spawn at various times during the event.

Mob Name:
a crystal spirit
Hits: unknown
Level: 70

event overview

At 10% intervals during this event, adds spawn at each crystal around the room.  There are 4 crystals in the room: Green, Red, Yellow, Blue.

In addition to these adds, Daosheen casts 4 spells on random people throughout the event.  These spells must be cured by clicking on the correct crystal.

Starting at 75% - Daosheen casts two unresistable AE's which land on approximately 15-20 people at a time.  A two color click combination is required to cure everyone.  Each AE requires a different combination to cure it.

At 10% and 5%, Daosheen casts the a unresistable DT over time, and requires a four click sequential crystal combination to cure everyone.

adds & percentage breakdowns

Details of how many adds and at what percent they spawn are listed below.  The adds are mezzable, spawn at the crystals and despawn about a minute later.

4 adds at 90% (one per crystal)

8 adds at each 10% interval from 80% to 50% (two per crystal)

12 adds at each 10% interval from 40% to 10% (three per crystal).

AE's & related crystals

Below lists each AE and the required single click crystal to cure it.  If you pick the wrong crystal, you will be hit with a stun and 10k damage.


AE Name



Plague of Mana
(3k DoT)

Your blood is tainted with magical essence.


Presence of the Firstborn (Silence)

You are dumbstruck by the presence of the firstborn.


Curse of the Firstborn
(Lowers Stats)

A festering darkness saps your strength.


Smothering Dismay

You lose your will to fight.

GTT audio triggerS FOR IMPORT USE

Having these following triggers set up below and functioning properly will assist you during this event.  At certain stages, some AE's require multiple clicks to cure everyone.  Which can only be done by our click team working together.  If you click a crystal while they're trying to do these sequencial clicks, it will mess everything up.

Below shows each trigger phrase, and the associated audio trigger.

> CLICK HERE < for the ZIP Archive of all the audio files listed below; OR Right Click and Save each Audio file below and drop into your GTT sound folder/directory for usage with the imported sound setup provided below.

GTT Trigger File (with sound): daosheen-sound-text.gtt

GTT Trigger File (no sound): daosheen-text-only.gtt

Trigger Phrase

audio File

Your blood is tainted with magical essence


You are dumbstruck by the presence of the firstborn


A festering darkness saps your strength


You lose your will to fight


Allegiances shift as Daosheen speaks a cryptic phrase


A bolt of light joins the yellow and green crystals for a moment


Daosheen calls upon the elemental forces to contain his enemies


A bolt of light joins the red and blue crystals for a moment


Your life begins to drain away



We will DPS Daosheen down and prepare as each set of adds spawn at the precentages listed above.

As adds spawn, we will MARK, MEZ and HOLD them.  Assist MA for killing as needed.

The main focus is curing your AE's using the crystals.

class & group specific instructions

Some classes will be put in groups with others to handle certain aspects of the event, be it dealing with the adds that spawn, or charming of pets etc.

In brackets are the classes, or group(s) that will be given specific instructions to perform during this event.  It's important that, if you see your class listed, to visit the link and review the material to give you an idea what we need done.  The links below point to pages where these instructions are explained.

Crystal Click Team - (Only chosen FD classes - No one else does what this page explains)

important info - please read!

NO DoT's at the final 15% and beyond of Daosheen.  If a charmed person's DoT kills Daosheen, the event doesn't update for the win, and the corpse poofs.

At around 75%, many will be hit with either a Charm or Mez.  It's important that you DO NOT click a crystal at this point.  This is where our click team has to do a sequence of clicks to cure us all.

At 10% and 5% as stated above, the DT marks start.  It's extremely important that you don't click any crystals here again, our team will do the clicks to cure us.  Also, don't try and remove the DT mark yourself.