Raid Schedule

Days: Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday

Time: 8pm EST, 7pm CST, 5pm PST

Trash mob information

Various trash in different areas of the zone have specific abilities to be aware of.  Not all the mobs AE's are listed, but only those that pose the largest  threat or relation to the ability listed.

red skeletons!


    Mob Name: a blood-drenched bonewalker

    Type: Skeleton Model (not classed as undead)

    Location:  Tunnels near Hatchet area.

    Appearance:  Red in colour

    Ability:  Respawns where you killed it after 20-30 seconds.

    Strat:  We'll pull and DPS them down to 10% or so, then kill them all at the         same time and move away before they respawn.

barbed skeletons!

    Mob Name: a barbed bone bonewalker

    Type: Undead

    Location: Near Zone-In

    Appearance: Dark brown in colour

    Ability: Huge DS

    Strat: Remove DS with Cleric MoK line and handle like any other trash mob.

unstable zombies!

    Mob Names: an unstable zombie, an unstable deathwalker

    Type: Undead

    Location: All over the zone

    Appearance: Zombie  

    Ability:  AE for 12k dmg on death  

    AE: Shower of Gore  

    Strat: Casters to keep your distance on these.  MA will try and fight them a bit     away from the raid.



    Mob Name: a distorted watcher, a watchful gargoyle

    Type: Gargoyle model (non-kos)

    Location: All over the zone

    Appearance: Gargoyle. Dark grey in colour

    Ability: Marks a player for DT that goes off if not cured after 30 seconds.   The     mark gives the player an illusion gargoyle appearance.

    AE: Spreading Stone

Cure those who appear as a gargoyle ASAP using RGC / RC aa and            handle like any other trash mob.

vampires & bats!

    Mob Name:
an ascendant of blood, a spiritlinked familiar

    Type: Vampire and bat models

    Location: All over the zone

    Appearance: n/a 

    Ability: The ascendant is linked to four spiritlinked familiars.

    AE: Blood Infusion, Bloodlick, Curse of Darkness, Dreadful Allure
    Waking Dream

    Strat: Mez the spiritlinked familiars before killing the ascendant of blood.