Raid Schedule

Days: Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday

Time: 8pm EST, 7pm CST, 5pm PST

Redfang event & strat

boss information

Name: Sanguimanus the Redfang

Hits:  4500

Abilities: Single Target Rampages

AE: Flapping of Wings, Siphon of Vitae, Sonic Screech

additional mobs

Two bat types in this event are listed below.  Each type requires different crowd control methods.

    Mob Name:
a blooddrinker bat

    Hits: 2200

    Abilities: Backstabs for 6500

    Level: 73

    AE: Vampire Bat Lifetap

    Note: unmezzable and unsnareable

Mob Name: a voracious bat

Hits: 1200

Abilities: Flurries

Level: 73

AE: n/a

event overview

Redfang is spawned by killing all of the screecher bats in the bat tower.

A zonewide emote will go off when Redfang spawns.

At timed intervals during the event, Redfang will spawn bat adds.

In addition, he'll cast a frontal silence called Sonic Screech.

If Redfang is moved during the battle, he will proc an AE lifetap.

adds and timing information

When Redfang appears, over the course of about a minute, 4 blooddrinker bats will spawn.  They will respawn instantly if killed.

After Redfang is up for 4 minutes, he will despawn and a large number of voracious bats will spawn on random people.

The voracious bats are mezzable and killable using a damage root type spell (Entrapping Roots / Vinelash Cascade).

About a minute after the voracious bats pop, Redfang will respawn and the event continues just as before.


Specific groups will be assigned to roles during this encounter.

Blooddrinker adds will be handled via dry tanking.

Voracious bats will be handled by Druids and Rangers, using Entrapping Roots / Vinelash Cascade

A few seconds prior to each wave of bats, we'll bunch up together so when the adds spawn they'll be all in one area.

Positioning:  We're shoulder pinning Redfang along the wall.

Be aware:  If Redfang gets pushed too much, he will Lifetap AE.

Please try not to over-agro the MT on this fight.  Turning Redfang towards our healers with his AE Silence going off is not good.

class & group specific instructions

Some classes will be put in groups with others to handle certain aspects of the event, be it dealing with the adds that spawn, or charming of pets etc.  

In brackets are the classes, or group(s) that will be given specific instructions to perform during this event.  It's important that, if you see your class listed, to visit the link and review the material to give you an idea what we need done.  The links below point to pages where these instructions are explained.

Crowd Control Team - (Enchanters, Warriors, Paladins, Shadowknights, Clerics, Druids, Rangers, Shaman)

Off Tank Team - (Warriors, Paladins, Shadowknights, Clerics, Druids, Shaman)