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Time: 8pm EST, 7pm CST, 5pm PST

bane weapon information

Bane weapons are used in the Mayong Mistmoore event (end boss of Demiplane).  Following each Tier 2 event in Demiplane, a spirit will spawn.  This is a non-agro NPC version of the event's main boss(s).  The spirit will hand out only two bane weapons, which are class specific.

This area covers each bane weapon, the related event it's from, and other information.

important info - please read!

Bane Clicks

In order to use your bane weapon, you must have it equiped.  Once equiped, simply have the correct mob targeted and right click the weapon.

Bane Weapon Holders

Always try and bring your bane weapon with you to Demiplane raids.  That way when we do make it to Mayong, you don't have to die to get it out of the bank.  Saves a little time/hassle.