Raid Schedule

Days: Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday

Time: 8pm EST, 7pm CST, 5pm PST

sisters event & strat

There's no specific boss of this event. However, there are AE's that Althea, Brenda and Christine will cast on those doing the hails.

    Mob Name: Multiple NPCs - Althea, Brenda and Christine

    Hits:  n/a

    Abilities: n/a


    Hand of the Unseen

    Prick of a Poisoned Pin

additional mobs

Various mobs spawn during this event.  They hit around 1000-2000. 

Mob Names: a conspiring shadowmane, a skeletal sleepwatcher (mezzable, undead).

Special Case Mobs: a vampiric bat

We have CC deal with these bats, due to their fast respawn.

event overview

This event is unique, in that it doesn't actually have a powerful raid mob to fight.

The event begins by hailing one of the three sisters.

Once hailed, numerous adds spawn at once (werewolves, bats and skeletons etc.).

We must deal with these adds, while relaying tattles to from each sister.

To win the event, two sisters need 8 tattles against them to each be kicked out of Demiplane.


Specific groups will be assigned to roles during this encounter.

All the adds will be pulled here for killing via MA. 

We'll be offtanking anything not mezable, waiting for the MA call. 

Specifically, CC will be handling the bats.  These are not to be killed, as they'll just repop instantly. 

We must survive the waves of adds while our 3 hailers relay the tattles.

class & group specific instructions

Some classes will be put in groups with others to handle certain aspects of the event, be it dealing with the adds that spawn, or charming of pets etc.  

In brackets are the classes, or group(s) that will be given specific instructions to perform during this event.  It's important that, if you see your class listed, to visit the link and review the material to give you an idea what we need done.  The links below point to pages where these instructions are explained.

Crowd Control Team - (Enchanters, Warriors, Paladins, Shadowknights, Clerics, Druids, Shamans)

Tattles Team - (Mainly FD classes, but not exclusively)

important info - please read

Never hail a sister during this event, unless explicitly instructed to do so.  That is, unless you are a tattler, never hail.