Raid Schedule

Days: Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday

Time: 8pm EST, 7pm CST, 5pm PST

performer event & strat

mobs involved

Listed below are the various mob types and names that are part of this event.

Regular trash style mobs: orcs, werewolves and drachnid adds.

Two named mobs also come into play at different times:

AE Rampages
Appearance: Orc

Name: The Spinstress
Appearance: Drachnid
AE: Cloud of Viscous Venom, Sticky Netting, Woven Ire

The performer room

The diagram below is labeled to show where we fight, the fake rug area to avoid, and Performer / Band Member locations.

event overview

For this event, we need to protect The Performer from waves of orcs, werewolves and drachnid adds.

At different times in the event, two named will spawn: Blueblood an orc and Spinstress a drachnid.

During the onslaught, the Performers minions will sing lines to individual people, who must reply with the correct line or be hit with "Stage Fright" (mez).

Each failure to sing the correct line, damages The Performer.

If The Performer dies, the event is lost.


We intercept adds that rush the room, before they reach The Performer.  All these adds are pulled towards EAST wall in the room.

Tanks mark up, without breaking mez, and everyone assist's MA.

As people get emoted, they target the appropriate minion, and respond with the correct next line to the song.

class & group specific instructions

Some classes will be put in groups with others to handle certain aspects of the event, be it dealing with the adds that spawn, or charming of pets etc.

In brackets are the classes, or group(s) that will be given specific instructions to perform during this event.  It's important that, if you see your class listed, to visit the link and review the material to give you an idea what we need done.  The links below point to pages where these instructions are explained.

Crowd Control Team - (Enchanters & Bards)

Song Hotkeys - (Mandatory - ALL Classes)

Emote Audio Trigger Information - (Mandatory - ALL Classes)