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Citadel of Anguish - flag overview


Since the flagging requirements to enter Citadel of Anguish have been removed in game, the information below is now obsolete.  However, I'm leaving it here for reference.


Flagging for CoA is a 2 stage process: Collecting  7 Signets from various zones, obtaining the insignia case and completing MPG raid trials (for rune pieces).

Either stage can be done in any order, including the trials and signet collection.


  • Doing the Signet collection with Taromani NPC allows you to become flagged to zone into CoA via piggy, but you won't be able to loot anything except the backflag piece inside.
  • Looting a backflag piece doesn't exempt you from doing the Signet quest from Taromani.


  • "Keyword" refers to what you say to spawn the instance in question.
  • "Mob PH" refers to Mob Placeholder, the mob you kill to get your rare to spawn