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Citadel of Anguish - insignia case Quest


Since the flagging requirements to enter Citadel of Anguish have been removed in game, the information below is now obsolete.  However, I'm leaving it here for reference.

Signet quest - Taromani NPC

This is the container that you'll combine all of your signets in.

NPC: Taromani
Zone: Riftseekers' Sanctum
Loc: +590, -1250, +45

Keyword: favors

Visual location:

Up the stairs.
Take the first corridor on the right.
Once in the corridor, take the 2nd left.
Taromani is in that room, on the right hand side.  Watch out for other KOS in room.

Once you have ALL your signets, you go and talk to this NPC and receive your 7 slot container called: Taromani's Insignia Case

Put ALL 7 of your signets in the container and click combine.  It'll turn into a Full Insignia Case

Hand in the Full Insignia Case to Taromani.

On hand in, you'll receive a character flag:

You are now protected from the chaos magic in Mata Muram's citadel.